Anger all around

As I go deeper into understanding my emotional signature, I understand more of my favorite movie as a kid.  “Why are you so venom and mean?” The Princess Bride will always be one of my most favorite movies for the magical lines of wisdom scattered throughout. It is time for us all to collectively peel off the anger and walk with it for a while.  Why are we so venom and mean? Ultimately it is because we are hurting.  We are all separate and more alone now than ever.  Computers and phones are fast replacing our real-time friends.  But now more than ever the importance of self-reflection before lashing out is paramount as face to face time grows less in our computer age.

My journey to understand my emotional reactions stems from my desire to be a healthy role model for my children.  I wish for them to have the tools to fly out from my nest and navigate the rocky terrain.  I hope to be able to show them that hurts do not have to be permanent damage.  My goal is to become well and have tools to process emotions so that I can teach them to do the same for themselves.

My family unit was broken as a child because my parents were broken.  Lash outs were pretty constant and the fear of being yelled was ever present and shaped how I stepped out into the world.  My father was never really seen by his father who was angry and lashed out at him often.  My father did the same and hated himself for it. My mother was distant as I became a teenager, consumed by her unhappiness and feeling alone. Tools to process emotions were not very available, but luckily I had no access to drugs or alcohol. I just surrounded myself with good friends.  Once I was out in college my motivation slipped.  I saw people who were so present and happy and comfortable with everyone.  They were magical.  I wondered how they stepped out into the world that way.  What was their magic?  Hunch-punch?  That beer? I tried it all on a quest to be the magical person who could captivate others…and then I learned to love me.

Self-love was there for certain parts of myself.  My smile, long hair, my love of glitter and all things colorful, helped me to feel certain of my value being somewhere in the middle.  The “bad” parts of me I tried to exercise or exorcise away…until I met my husband.  He helped me to love all of me. And then we had children.

A whole new level-up occurred in self-discovery.  The ages of my daughter helped me to realize the ages of myself that I judged the most as “bad” truly started at age 8. I found myself angry at her without any justification.  I found myself judging her and saying things that I would never want to say…until I sat with that anger and judgement.  Where did it come from?  I looked deep at myself and saw it all came from me and how I hated those awkward stages-in myself.  I released my mom from resentment for not being the loving guide to hand me all the tools I needed (who can really do that anyway?) and I learned how to do it for myself.  I visited all my younger selves and showered them in love as I looked back at those awkward moments…and I healed.

Now I look at anytime I feel anger as an opportunity for self discovery.  It truly is peeling the layers of an onion, (my oldest daughter is 10, I can’t wait to see what age 14 will push forward for me to heal-insert scared face here). Recently I was trying understand why I’d get so angry when cooking dinner in the kitchen.  My husband prefers to be alone cooking but I get angry.  In comes the realization I want to spend time with my girls and resent them being off in la la land with their screen.  I want to be included.  But not inside.  Inside is my kryptonite after working in an office all day.

So now, sometimes, my daughter makes sandwiches while I get the campfire going outside.  Sometimes I am OK with peanut butter and jelly for dinner.  Sometimes I just need to let go of judgement and let it all go as we spend time in the yard.  Outside is where I can feel balanced and free.  I am working hard to be as present and honest as I can be in order to help my kids grow in a balanced way to step out into the world whole.  Sometimes I just have to go outside and let it all go…and now I understand the beauty of the simple sayings.

I challenge all of you to dig deep when you get angry and look at what you are hiding.  Take your anger for a walk outside and see to what it is you need revisit with love and say “as you wish”  because really, all we need is love…self-love is all we need.

Chakras-many layers of meaning

We have all heard of the basic emotional connection with the different chakra centers.  Third eye ties in with intuition, further up the crown chakra connects with the divine.  The throat chakra ties with speaking your mind and speaking your truth.  The heart chakra ties in with feeling love and support and so on…but truly this is such an over simplification.  As I have been studying the biofield anatomy as mapped out in Biofield Tuning, it appears to me to prove to be far more complex and individual.

The therapeutic notion that emotions must be felt, acknowledged, witnessed and given space to pass through the body has been proven to me over and over again with each client.   The act of judging our emotions and hiding them away is what causes the most damage and trauma. I have learned the art of seeing my most uncomfortable emotions and give that feeling space.   This lesson has been huge for me in transforming my health.

For years I had slow digestion.  Food would sit like a rock in my tummy for many hours.  I was learning to connect with my stomach and truly feel hunger before eating and I realized that I could go for a full day or longer at times, without being hungry.  When I saw a commercial for a pill one could swallow to fix slow digestion because there was a new disorder named for that problem, I knew I needed to work on me.  With a few biofield tuning sessions, my digestion improved tremendously, far more than when I was doing reiki on my tummy alone.  Then I learned Acupressure and was able to tap into the deeper emotions at the root problem.

Reiki on my solar plexus chakra when I felt so full, would cause lots of tunny gurgles and slowly move things along.  With Biofield tuning I felt the whole system clear. I was so excited! I began to see the thought patterns and ways that I judged myself when under stress.  I could see myself holding onto and swallowing emotions of hurt or embarrassment.  I finally saw clearly as an observer, how to identify the root emotion so I no longer had the defensive anger overwhelm me as I hid the hurt in my tummy.  I learned not to judge the emotion, but instead identify the feeling, see where it affects the body, and allow the wave of emotion to move through me while breathing deeply.   The feeling moved through so quickly and with very little pain.  The fear of that emotions was what had my digestion frozen for so long. By learning to observe emotions and not judge them, I am empowered to live well.

With acupressure I also learned how to help my solar plexus open and balance with the whole digestive system.  The acupressure points through the center line of the body starting with the stomach, to the area just above the belly button and just below the belly button have been a invaluable tool for me.  I have struggled with puffy tummy also and working these points daily before and after meals has helped to completely flatten my tummy.  I have connected with my stomach and liver before and after I eat and learned so much about the marvelous body.  I would next connect with the small intestine point just above the belly button.  I learned that tenderness there was from slow digestion causing inflammation over the years.  After 3 months of working that point a few times a day, all the tenderness is gone!  The next point below the belly button is to tone the large intestine.  This area was always a bit slow for me but since working the two above points, I managed to balance the large intestine meridian as well.

Around the torso we can find grief, anger, resentment, shame, as well as lack of support.  I find the Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras to be combinations of emotions and not just a simple, “this ties in with grief.”  The grief emotions ties in with how you treat yourself and your deep desires.  If you continually berate yourself or deny yourself fun-time, then you will be in a state of emotional grief much of the time which affects the left-side of the body as well as the back.  The left hip will be tight which causes lower back pain.  This many times corresponds to how you saw your mother treat herself a well as other women in her life.

This area for me was congested because I learned to run from confrontation.  While I love my family, I do not love their behaviors.  I no longer hate their behaviors.  I accept their humanity.  My rage-filled father taught me to hide from anger.  I learned when there was that certain tone in a voice, I should hide.  The knee-jerk fear and then anger to having my feelings hurt I fought with for many years.  I felt my stomach clench in fear at the idea of confronting someone when I was hurt.  Decades of hiding my hurt in my tummy caused my digestive paralysis.  Instead of trying to fight off the fear and anger, I learned to see it and feel what it did to my body.  I learned to “sit with it” for a few minutes and reflect on why I was reacting that way.  It opened up my Solar Plexus on so many level by becoming aware of the root reaction.  With compassion for my inner child who hid in fear, I saw and embraced that emotion.  I still fear confrontation but now welcome fear to join me.  This means I am doing the right thing.

My goal is to help everyone become emotionally fluent.  I want everyone to be fully in the moment.  From that position we will all be able to communicate our emotions in an honest and powerful yet humble way.  What a beautiful present!!!

Healthcare Survival Guide

Healthcare today is a very tough road to travel.  Health insurance premiums are through the roof while the deductibles are sky high.  Prescription medications cost hundreds of dollars for name brands and some generics have questionable components and efficacy as they are made across the globe.  People who truly need the insurance cannot afford it at $2,200/ month for one with pre-existing, and what it ultimately looks like down the road, is a single payer system and the rest will be returning to cash pay.  As for now, there are a few good alternatives coming to the front for those who are somewhat healthy and need the emergency things covered.

Healthshare programs are religious-based community cost sharing groups.  You pay in your monthly share amount and then when you need your annual physical, the group shares the cost and covers it 100%.  The option we chose was a $1,000 deductible.  You do not have to pay the tax penalty for no health insurance through the religious exemption.  The programs typically do a monthly newsletter.  They post statements about to whom the monthly shared amount went and you can offer them words of encouragement.  Healthshare programs have you pay in for high-risk behaviors (smoking, obesity) to a healthcoach who calls you routinely to help you improve your lifestyle and once you graduate, the extra fee is gone. Costs here are $199 for one person and $299 for a couple, and $399 for family with kids.  These rates stay the same annually.  I do not know if they offer this rate per couple for unmarried folks.  The one we use is Liberty HealthShare.

My friend has found an online doctor/nurse practitioner program for women.  They offer birth control refills, prescription medications, and health checks online for $25 for women.  and use her code TEDDYVIP for a free session.  This is what I will be using until the new year as my deductible had not been met this year.  What a great option for when you cannot afford a babysitter in order to go the doctor either.  A cash pay rate at any doctors is between $80 at the walk-in Kroger clinics, to $150 for a doctor exam.  So for now I see this online program as a great alternative.

With no prescription coverage, you can use the websites or programs that offer generic medication price reductions and will cross check the costs by all the pharmacies in your area.  I use in order to price check the medications that are needed and find the best price in my area.  It is a free program.  If you are needing name brand prescriptions, please check online with the drug company themselves, as they routinely offer coupons online for their product.  The doctors offices hopefully will have coupons to give you as well to help offset the costs.

I recommend using walk-in clinics when you have no health insurance, but price check the Grocery store walk-in medical clinic versus the hospital network walk-in clinic to be sure you get the best price.  Do this before you get sick.  They tend to manage the emergency bronchitis, strep throat, sinusitis, flu, and cough fairly well.  Be cautious, because you may be given more medication that you need.  My husband tore a muscle in his back and was given 3 different pain meds and Naproxen sodium.  Had we not looked up all the medications, he may have over dosed between the muscle relaxer and the narcotic that he was given.  Be mindful that you will frequently be given a full arsenal to attack when perhaps all that is needed is an inhaler.  Be smart in managing your own health.

I highly recommend becoming familiar with early virus control through herbal remedies, elderberry syrups, local honeys, clean home and diet.  Homemade chicken broth works wonders as well as bone broth for helping to manage the change of the seasons.  SLow cooked veggies in the broths help to fill bellies.  Avoid dairy and minimize sugar during these transitions as well to help reduce the sticky wet that collects viruses and bacteria in the digestive system and airways.  Keeping the air in the home clear of particulate is also very helpful with having a clean vacuum to use and wet mop the floors instead of sweeping the dust into the air.  Keep a clean pillow and sheets.  Using a good quality essential oil in the humidifier or air purifier can be a tremendous benefit also.  Eucaluptus, lime, cinnamon, rosemary, and thyme are all effective at breaking up congestion.

Before you have to jump into antibiotics from a secondary bacterial infection after a virus, try a few things as prevention early on.  Use saline drops or spray to rinse the sinuses before you sleep.  Take an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen, aspirin, or Naproxen sodium to prevent the swelling that traps the mucous that grows the bacteria.  Use this around the clock for a few days to prevent acute stage while also drinking warm herbal teas.  Hydrate and rest.  Adding some local honey and fresh squeezed lemon is helpful also.  Go to bed early after you have a nice bath to loosen up any congestion.  Stay away from news media.  Keep your mind and spirit calm and peaceful to support the body healing itself.

This is my small survival guide for now.  Don’t forget the importance of stress management and learning emotional fluency.  Identify feelings, acknowledge, sit with them, and breath-life in, stress out.

Good luck and feel free to offer updates and suggestions as you find them!

Energy Work- in the body and around it

Recently I was fortunate enough to receive a wonderful acupuncture session from Kathryn Gillet at Jade Spring in Comer, GA. The energy movement was incredible and I loved the way the energy moved synergistically through the different points while I rested. The session allowed me to further define what it is that I do. I believe that with reiki and the tuning forks I have learned a way to access the energy within the body through acupressure and acutuning. Working this area first allows me to create space for cleaning up the emotional house from the past. Once the body is clear, the client then is in a position to allow deeper work down in the energy field surrounding the body.
The area surrounding the body truly does hold information about how we learned to process or handle events and interpret them as a trauma or judge the feelings and create trauma. This is accessible through hearing the variation in vibration of the tuning forks or feeling the variation in the sensations of reiki “hibikis” or “areas of disruption” extending out from the body. The healing process is far more effective if we are able to tap into the earliest moment the pain or emotional injury was sustained and perceived as “bad.” Once we can hit that original frequency and heal it through suggesting a new narrative and story that empowers the client, then we can work together to free the past self from that painful moment and literally move forward in towards the body. It seems as though the emotional events pull at the charka that is associated with that emotion and dislocate it off to the side which is energetically exhausting.
Now the map of emotions and where they are stored off the body created by Eileen McKusick is pretty right on. I have discovered the right hip is also the area for self-berating and self-shaming. That eternally frustrating dialogue, “now why didn’t I do that?” and the “if only I had said this…” goes here and can flare up often. This is not just the hip of overdoing. How people store these emotions can be pretty unique as shame can literally pull on almost any chakra. So the goal with both methods is to realign the chakras so that the energetic vibration is lighter and elevated to allow for maximum efficiency and good energy.

Holistic Healing Network of Athens Area

I have been working on creating an empowered network of healing arts practitioners in the Athens, Ga area to guide others on a heart-centered path of wellness.  There are so many talented people here, that it is my goal to connect these healing arts practitioners so we can help each other and refer to each other as needed.  When we unite, we can do far more than alone.

Please see our event here on Satuday December 3, 2016 from 12pm- 6pm    **At Flicker Theatre and Bar, 263 W. Washington St, Athens, GA 30601**

First Annual Holistic Healing Fair and Holiday Market.  It’s going to be great!

Here we will feature the Holistic Healing Network of Athens Area (HHNAA) heart-centered practitioners in person offering their wisdom, gift certificates for sessions, and handmade goods for sale.  We will have many practitioners demonstrating aspects of their services from massage, to acupressure, sound therapy with tuning forks, reiki, aromatherapy, tarot card readings, hand-made lotions, salves, and oil.  This is a great opportunity to meet the fabulous empowered providers we have in the Athens area.  Come see this wonderful community we have here in town!

263 W. Washington St, Athens, GA 30601

Saturday, Dec 3 12pm-6pm


Practitioners in attendance:

LeeAnn Cordell– Health Coach

Lynn Louise Halverson– Usui Reiki Master/ teacher, Lifeline sessions, Feng Shui consultant, Voice teacher

Kelli Allison McConnell– Usui Reiki Master, Job Coach, Resume Writer, and I-ching reader

Kimberly Naugle Long– Usui and Karuna Reiki Master/ teacher, Sound therapy, acupressure, biofield balancing

Heather Ann Ryland– Usui and Karuna Reiki Master/ teacher, Shaman, channeller, spiritual guide, home energy clearing

 Rebecca Shisler Marshall -certified Martha Beck life coach, Yoga instructor, with training in Mindfulness and Reiki I and II. She is also a professor at UGA in speech-language pathology.

Jenny Loube Bird- Art therapy, job counselor, Reiki I and II

Our World and How We Fit In It

When I hear comments about the Earth and how we have ruined it with the pollution, global warming, and fossil fuels, I can’t help but feel frustrated.  All throughout my youth I felt the overwhelming evidence of doom and despair.  And now with the looming water crisis I feel it strongly again.

With more maturity I have learned it is my responsibility to be mindful each day on my connection with the earth, air, water, and sky as well as animal, plant, and mineral and this will bring about a change for good.   If I look to the lessens of my ancestors, I can learn how to strengthen the spirit of all connections which helps everyone, as we are all connected.

As I first stepped onto the path of learning the ways of my ancestors, I had a big of concern for being a step into the unknown realm of spirits.  The pagan methods had an element of magic that concerned me because I do not have a deep cultural background in this to guide me.  After a few journeys within and wakeful, dreaming I realize the common message people are receiving.  There is a battle happening.  It is between disconnect from the fabric of life and wanton destruction for a facade of power and the return to reverence of life in everything.  The power of connection to our roots empowers a return to balance and harmony on all levels.

How that affects me is to see the need to ask permission of the plants before I harvest them and offer my thanks for their bounty.  I must talk with both my plants and animals so they feel my intention in my actions.  Singing is a much more powerful communicator I have learned.  Also I must work with respect for the wood as I hammer and chop.  With acknowledgement of the sacrifice of each item involved in my life, then I can empower the balance to return.  In this I can feel the return to balance I see and acknowledge the element of life in all around.  The divine is here.  With acknowledgement and respect brings empowerment on the personal level with emotions and worldly level with other interactions.

Biofield Balancing

My most pressing goal for myself and my current focus with my Reiki practice in Athens, Georgia is emotional fluency.  The majority of illnesses can be linked to the unhealthy ways many deal with emotions in their lives.  I am no different.  Emotional processing habits develop in childhood, a few can even be traced back to early infancy, and very few are healthy without loving guidance from the parents.  As I learn Biofield tuning and Biofield Balancing, I see clearly how these patterns, either healthy or unhealthy, can lead us down the path of dis-ease if we do not learn how to identify, acknowledge, and validate our emotions.

Feelings are communications from our soul with the intention of guiding us.  They are not necessarily bad or good, they are simply feelings. Exciting, calming, comfortable, and uncomfortable, all of our feelings fit in these categories. If we attempt to ignore our feelings or distrust our emotions, we may spend a lifetime undermining and devaluing ourselves.   At the core of it all is learning to respect deeply, to listen openly and to love ourselves.  Only after mastering these skills, can we turn truly balanced love and compassion outward into the world.

My biggest enemy has been myself.  I am quick to self-judge, self-critique, and boss myself around (as well as others closet to me.)  My childhood was filled with self-judging my appearance, my conversations, and my artwork.  The moment to moment inner dialogue should be one of self-love, patience, and compassion, but I was frequently berating myself.  Being human is tough, I am thrilled to have finally learned the importance of going back to all those moments and releasing my younger self from judgement so I can heal and be well. Even the parts of me filled with self-judgement must be remembered with love and compassion for the journey.

If I can learn to be compassionate to myself, then I am able to be truly compassionate to others.  Life on Earth as a human can be very lonely if we do not learn to value ourselves and recognize the divine within.   Once I can recognize that I am of the fabric of the divine, then I can recognize the divine within others.  Once I can have compassion for myself (recognizing this will be difficult at times), then I can have compassion for others and respect the individual journey that they are traveling.  Reiki is all about learning to have compassion and radiate the frequency of compassion.

Understanding myself and learning to see all my emotions are simply an electromagnetic event allows me to watch the feeling and witness how it moves through my body.  How does this one feeling shift my weight, hold my shoulder up or to the side? How does this feeling make me feel strong and stand tall and proud?  Some emotions have an energizing, light quality, and these are empowering emotions.  One is the spiral of uplifting positive emotions and the other is the downward spiral of negative emotions.  Neither is bad; see emotions as clues: negative emotions are a red flag that we are ignoring an inner aspect of wisdom, positive emotions indicate we are working in harmony with our inner wisdom.  Recognize and learn from your emotions! That is so empowering!

Trusting myself is part of this journey.  I am learning to feel the current of the emotion pass through my body.  I allow my emotions.  Breathe and see how they affect my body.  I do not judge good or bad.  Just see and name them and care for the emotion.  Breathe and look beneath the surface emotion, and then they pass through.  Trust yourself!

Anger, happiness, anxiety, exuberance, love and fear-just to name a few are simply emotions.  None are good or bad, but some are certainly more comfortable than others.  It is of the utmost importance to allow all of them.   As a human we have a huge spectrum of emotions, but they are not bad or good, just comfortable and uncomfortable.  It is super important to sit with the uncomfortable emotions and become aware of why they are so unpleasant.  Search underneath and find the root event when we decided this emotion was bad.  Sit with that memory and recreate it.  Paint it with the color of compassion for yourself in that moment.  Color it with love for the journey of life that you are on.  It is a unique journey but you are not alone.  It is the human experience.

With Biofield Balancing I use either Reiki or Biofield Tuning using tuning forks to help clear and release old emotional traumas. I guide clients to connect with the memories and switch to the role of observer in order to accept and love that part of themselves. The past continues to hurt us until we heal it and let it go. Book a session today.

Links on Scientific Studies- Reiki and Sound

This section is a work in progress.  My goal here is to be able to fully explore how and why reiki and sound therapies work.  With this research, I have learned that reiki is a form of sound therapy as it is a particular frequency proven to be beneficial for promoting healing.  The more that I learn the more I see that we historically have understood that everything is vibration and healing with sound only makes sense.  Our language reflects this with sayings such as “she is high-strung,” “they have good vibes,” “we are in tune with each other,” “we are harmonious,” and various others.  Basically I have learned that everything at a particle level is vibration.  Using sound to reset our vibrations to a healthier low-strung, more relaxed state, gives us a range of movement and flexibility.  When tightly strung, a guitar string is more likely to snap and break when played.  The same for people.  Learning to soften and relax the body allows for emotional flexibility and adaptability for life.  The important part is taking time to silence the inner dialogue and listen to one’s internal rhythms.  When under times of great stress this is best done in guided sessions.

  • Here is a link to Dr. John Beaulieu’s website and research on the use of tuning forks and the release of NO-nitric oxide- and how it is beneficial at the cellular level.   This study provides the basis for how acupressure with the tuning fork works which is also known as acutuning.   In this article he explains how extended periods of stress adversely affect the immune system and can be linked to tumors and auto-immune disorders.
  • This abstract summarizes research about how NO is beneficial as a free-radical “scavenger” and also mentions that too much may also cause problems…which explains Dr. Beaulieu’s teaching to apply the tuning forks no more than twice. Please see his full PDF on his website for the full article. 



  • This article links over to a study titled “Extraordinay large bio-magnetic field strength from the human hand.”  It’s a review of measurements exploring the difference between Reiki practitioners and non-Reiki practitioners.  They even measured martial artists’ biomagnetic field.      


  • This link is on beneficial effects of 10 htz on nervous system and potentially treating depression.  I wonder why 4 htz (or cps) was not used? Hmm.  I haven’t been able to find the referenced study on the different frequencies yet either.  This study is from January of 2016.  The end result was that they found 50% reduction in the oxidative stress (5-HIAA used in blood serum in rats-this is a type of chemical in brain assumed to be a good marker that is low when less stress and high when under more stress) after the first 15 days  of daily treatments at 3 hours daily.  They found no change a 1 hour daily.  This is considered to be a good step forward in establishing ELF as potential therapeutic treatments for depression.            


  • This link connects to a study on the effects of Reiki on preventing metastasis and improving immune system responses in mouse breast cancer study.  It reveals that the cancer tumor size is not reduced with reiki treatments, but it shows significant evidence that the treated subjects do not have cancer metastasis and do have improve immune system functioning.


  • This links to most recent article on the measurement of the energy from Reiki, healing touch, Qi-Gong and other martial artists.  Pretty exciting that they have repeated measured with the SQUID instrument the fluctuations of the biomagnetic energy from the practitioner’s hand is between 0.3-30 cps but mostly 7 cps range!  Also world wide it has been accepted that there is definitely a measurable biofield since the SQUID magnetometer in the wold-wide medical community.  The USA needs to catch up.  


Biofield Tuning with Reiki

Diving into Sound Therapy after learning Reiki was Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) therapy, I have found Biofield tuning to be particularly effective. The tuning forks are incredibly powerful and can truly clear and polish up the biofield so that a person can be super radiant. The movement of congestion from the biofield is significant which seems to correlate to the physical body deeply.  I have found that combining reiki with the biofield tuning is beneficial in assisting the body to process out the toxins that are released during session.  Just as deep tissue massage releases toxins, sound therapies do as well, almost more so.  We resist touch somewhat no matter how we attempt to relax our bodies.   Since there is minimal push back from the body when working with sound, it makes sense that the work is deeper.

In biofield tuning the term used is to “cohere” the biofield which is to allow the field to elevate the vibration to one that is coherent all over.  This follows the particle physics that everything is vibration. The negative emotions (I do not like to use that term but rather lower emotions-heavier and low vibration) have incoherence. This word comes from the heartmath experience that biofield tuner founder Eileen McKusaick had while receiving a reading from their equipment. I utilize reiki and acupressure which both affect the energy flow in the physical body and allow for better circulation and metabolism, so I recognize biofield tuning does the same, but in a different way.  The vibration of the tuning forks out in the biofield several feet from the body are able to identify stuck energies and move them using different tones of tuning forks.  This modality not only treats areas needing work, but also identifies the time period of the emotional trauma event in your life.  Then the energy field is cohered together for optimal flow which appears to release the toxins held in by that emotional event.

With reiki and acupressure the practitioner is not the one doing the work but rather the dula or catalyst to help propel the client to do the work.  This is the same for the Biofield Tuning.  It is a powerful way to truly lift the weight of emotional stress and identify the source moments in the timeline of life but the client must be willing to allow the movement and cohering to take place.  This healing method also supports the need to do the work and heal the traumatic moments in one’s life.  Cohering the inital moment of trauma releases one’s earlier self from the paralysis of the event so that it becomes a fact, no longer connected with emotional wounds.  But it is important for the recipient to do the work.  It is a combined effort.

The detox after the Biofield tuning to be significant and taking a few days to be tender with yourself, very needed.  After one day of nice Epsom salt baths and drinking plenty of water, I returned to my highly caffeinated work schedule under fluorescent lights and found it to be incredibly harsh and stressful.  This helped me to learn that my way of adapting to my busy office life at the ophthalmology practice must be reevaluated.  Plenty of water and hot green teas have allowed me to better manage my stress on a day to day basis, while also taking frequent outdoor breaks to relieve my head of the fluorescent light stress.  I believe having two days after a biofield tuning session to sit in nature and be calm would be super beneficial to help protect all the work that was done during session and allow these new energy patterns to become the new normal.

Since studying the Biofield Tuning book by Eileen McKusick, I have learned that the Biofield is likely a plasma energy field around us that has a flow to it just like the magnetic field around Earth.  It is a torus shape and the energy carries all the emotional information in a timeline like tree growth rings. The present is super close to our physical bodies while the past moves out so that the outer edge is birth and halfway in is half of the person’s age.  This is fascinating to experience. Yet again the key to healing is compassion for oneself and remembering to extend it to the memories of our younger selves seems to be the most trans-formative.  There is a silver-lining, some type of wisdom to be gained from each experience, and the work is in finding that bonus, seeing yourself with compassion in that moment, and truly feeling it.

When I perform a session, I tend to find the areas of disruption in a person’s energy close to their body and then feel it all the way to the edge of the disruption. There I have found I can do the most good, as I treat it with reiki and then bring the disruption in to the body and clear it.  This is how biofield tuning works, clearing the areas of disruption from the outer edge of the field but starting from the edge and then working in, whereas reiki starts in at the head and heart, and then moves out assessing areas of need.  I have found that relaxing the head and heart first with reiki really allows for deeper levels of compassion to be woven into one’s thoughts, heart, and body.

Book your session today. Email me at or call 706-207-4253.

The Condition of Earth-how to help

My whole life has been a series of alarms and warnings of the state of the world and the environment.  Doom and fear rules the talk of the different new media and agencies.  All have an urgency to fix the broken global environment, but the focus of the summits are misplaced.  The Earth will continue with or without us.  The true entities needing healing are you and me.

Do not fall into despair at the state of the world.  This is a form of victim-hood and guilt mentality that allows you to surrender and fall into the abyss of fear and anger.  This helps nothing.  You are only at fault if you continue to allow the fear and doom to overtake you.  The role of victim-hood is a role filled with anger.  This gives away your power.  You are powerful and you have the ability to heal, not just yourself, but the world.   Do not give away your power, turn it inward and heal.

The more that I work with meditations and healing sessions, the more that I am aware of how we project our emotional conditions on the world around us.  The environment is a reflection of the people who live in that place and their state of mind.  Each town you visit has a different feel, each community has a different vibe.  Just as a home is a reflection of the people who live there, the town is a reflection of our inner state.  Are we self-centered and staring only into our phones?  Or do we look at others and smile and say hello?  These are very important differences.  Being in tune to others, including all creatures, helps us to create a harmonious community.  This harmonious “including”-see them and acknowledge them- is a higher vibration which can promote healing in every living thing around us as well as ourselves.

When we can turn that focus inward, we can do the work to include ourselves.  I have learned that there are pivotal moments in our lives when a trauma occurs, it will have lasting impacts if not healed.  We leave a piece of ourselves behind when that wound left untended.  The piece of us is trapped there until we go collect her.  Physics tells us time is circular, we just experience it in the linear.  The past is always with us, dragging behind us, the present pulls at our sides and the future is projected in front.  We do not have to experience the whole trauma again, we simply have to be brave, allow the emotions that are uncomfortable to happen, observe how that emotion affects our body.  Then we sit with that feeling and ask when was the first time this was experienced?  Go back to that moment and observe, and then you can correct that moment.   Validate her feelings, ask her what she needs.  You can provide that for her.  Because she is still there, your younger self, trapped in that moment, you can release her and bring her home.  This is deep healing.

The more we get in touch with our inner light, our “God” within, then the more we radiate respect and love into all creatures surrounding us.  As we do the work to collect ourselves we can be more present in the here and now.  The healing energy will radiate deep into the Earth and the effects will ripple outward.   Behaviors will change and relationships transform in how we treat each other and other living things.   It will be easier each day to find the beauty around us.  Everything radiates life and beauty, we just need to acknowledge it!  This is true alchemy.

To heal the environment, we must literally heal ourselves.  The work within will be reflected in the world surrounding us.  It’s the butterfly effect.   Healing yourself and radiating that light out into the world gives others permission to do the same.  It will actually encourage more healing and growth.  The person next to you may already be filled with energy and enthusiasm with the ability to help the environment on a more regional scale, and simply being near you in the healthy state will help their cause and lift them to do work at a bigger more regional level.  The path for them will be smooth since you have laid the ground work and evened out the more local bumps along the way.

The more light that we are shinning the more the Truth will surface, the more we will heal.  If you are ready and need only a guide to help channel the energy for change, a guide to help show you a way, then schedule a session with me for Reiki, Karuna Reiki® and Tuning forks session.  Tune up your body, mind, soul and heart.

Dare to heal.  Push yourself.  Schedule a session.  Do the work.

Here is an amazing video of Teal Swan who explains how this method works for her. Please copy and paste the link in your browser. Focus on the world you want to create.

Why Anger and Fear Must be Transformed

Of the human feelings, fear is the most crippling.  It shrivels the heart rendering a person weak, decisions will not be good at this time.   Anger will burst forward many times to cover fear.  Fear can sneak in through small cracks in our soul left from childhood terrors.  We must be brave to look at emotional damage deeply and sit with it thus transforming the trigger from powerful sweeping emotions into simply feelings that wash over us.  This work may seem scary but the rewards are great.  You don’t have to go it alone.  Become the observer!  Learn how your emotions affect you.  Learn to watch you body.

The stronger the connection to our soul, the brighter our light will shine.  The more fear we have lingering in our past that has not been reviewed, massaged, softened, and brought into light, the more heavy weight we have holding us back from reaching our full potential.  Fear is rooted deep.  field

Imagine fear in picture form as a weed in your soul garden.   Each time you see it and recognize it, you brush it away leaving a clean garden bed.   But it returns, and every time you ignore it, the root still lingers and grows bigger, stronger and the fear blooms larger and more powerful each new shoot.  You must dig out the root, pull back the layers down through your childhood to the first experience of fear.   You must look inside and sit with the feelings that go with that fear.  Accept them as being part of the human experience, they are feelings that make your life richer, deeper and more beautiful because you can have compassion for someone else in a similar situation.   See your experience, feel your fear, and be ok with it.  Do not allow shame or judgement to speak inside of you. Love your younger self and validate how upsetting that moment and emotion was for baby you.  Ask her what she needs (to be hugged, defended, protected) and give that to her in that moment.  You are human, these feelings are part of being human.   Do not turn away from any part of yourself.

It takes time to work with these moments and when we are under periods of stress these experiences that we have rooted deep in fear will rear their ugly head.  If it is too much to face them alone, let’s do this together in guided meditation of the Karuna Reiki session with the benefit of tuning forks to weave in the new way of thinking.  Welcome all feelings in with the acceptance of being human.  Polish that dark heavy weight on your back, transform it to light and allow your soul to shine.  Love is the most powerful force of all.

If you would like to watch videos on the importance of doing the self work, please watch Teal Swan on Youtube.

The Vagel Nerve

Vagel nerve is a pivotal part of wellness for each one of us.  Spending too much time in a state of heightened awareness or readiness, is hard on the body.  Circulation to the stomach is decreased, breathing is shallow, Cortisol levels are high.  Blood sugars can be elevated, as well as blood pressure.  Digestion will be impaired, either too fast, too slow, or just plain gassy.  The link above provides a detailed list of all the body systems affected.  How wonderful to be able to activate and relax the vagel nerve in just a few minutes.  What if you could be taught how to do that?  How to relax and release all your worries in a moment…like a switch.

Someone who has a “Vagel response,” if you have ever heard that before, is typically a person whose Vagel nerve when under extreme stress will cause them to lose consciousness.  If a person like this sees blood, is under sudden stressful situations, or surprised, they may pass out.  One way to help counteract this response is to learn how to relax the body.  With training, people are able to have enough body awareness that they are able to drop in to that relaxed state fairly quickly.

With the first Reiki session I can teach  you body awareness and how your body should feel in a state of relaxation.  It is important to breathe deeply and totally relax your whole body at least once an hour throughout the day.  Several hundreds of years ago, we lived in smaller villages without electricity and electronics to speed up our chores and we lived each day in rhythm with the sun from gathering food from the land to preparing and storing food to eat.  The pace of life was steady and slower from moment to moment, and we had the ability to sink deep into our tasks in a quiet meditative state.  Our bodies could relax as our days slowed down with the setting of the sun.  Today we are able to live without so much as a glance at the sun, and work from sun up on through the night with little peace.

Using tuning forks and Reiki to help the body, we are able to relax the Vagel nerve which in turn relaxes the stomach for good digestion, the lungs for deeper breathing, the pancreas for good blood sugar, the muscles for deep rest.   Once the body can relax and be restful, your body is able to work on healing.

The first session shows the goal state of relaxation-this is the baseline.  The next session helps to reinforce and bring you there quickly.  Apparently Karuna Reiki® heals to heal on the Karmic level and weaves the work in at a cellular level.  I have witnesses incredible improvement lasting months after a session, so perhaps karmic cellular repair it is.  Each session is unique for your needs at that time, but each session workly deeply for weeks afterwards.  A few sessions can help teach you to bring yourself to the quiet place inside you in seconds.  If meditation has been elusive and unattainable for you, a Reiki session with sound healing can help.

Schedule today…

The Power of Acupressure

As I began studying how to use the sound healing instruments to promote wellness in my clients, I learned about Crystal bowls, tuning forks, Himalayan Singing Bowls, chanting, toning and healing with musical stringed instruments.  I focused on tuning forks for their portability and power.  I was searching for an instrument I could use to help quickly focus people on their body and how it feels in order to reconnect them.  I love the sound healing of many instruments but after reading up on the Otto tuning forks, I saw how I could quickly demonstrate healing benefits to skeptics.

With the Otto 128, or Ohm, tuning fork, the vibrations quickly run through the body spreading warmth and relaxation.  Otto tuning forks are weighted on the fork end to push the vibrations down into the stem.   I read to place the tuning fork stem on the bones of the hips, chest, shoulders, and forehead.  I did and was quite impressed with the results each time.   I tried them on family, co-workers, and friends with great results.

Human Tuning: Sound Healing with Tuning Forks by John Beaulieu mentioned a few times the importance of learning the acupressure points.  The combination of the two healing modalities would accelerate total relaxation and opening of the bodies energy systems for wellness.   In simpler terms, the vibration of the tuning forks stimulate circulation and reduce inflammation.  Using the tuning forks on myself and family, I was able to duplicate the healing benefits.  Following his suggestion, I enrolled in an online course for acupressure.

After two months of classes, I learned the acupressure points on the shoulders, face, back, hips, legs and feet.  After practicing on many people, I have learning how powerful this healing art can be!  When combined with Reiki, acupressure is like a laser focus to target and relax area of stress in the body opening the door for Reiki to flow through and balance the whole body.  I have learned how to relieve my digestive issues with slow digestion and gall bladder congestion to the back pain from tight hips and the deep ache in my foot from tight quadriceps muscles.   Why not use the tuning fork on these points?

With simple light pressure on tender acupressure points from the resonating tuning forks, the tenderness dissipates in most cases and the meridian opens in seconds afterwards.  It works super fast in children as they are naturally more open.  This also helps them to trust me for doing some Reiki on certain unwell areas of the body.  Kids learn so fast and will point out sore places in their body with ease.  With adults I may need to apply the tuning fork twice.  This is huge step forward as holding acupressure points for 2-5 minutes to open them is taxing on the fingers, hands, and forearms.  The tuning forks help to open these point so fast.  It is amazing how much our bodies talk to us and we ignore them!

The more that I learn, the more I realize the deep ache in my foot is from a tightness in my hip, or that the sharp pain in my foot is from the gall bladder being blocked-nothing a quick application of the tuning fork can not help! It is truly an incredible healing art.  I strive to teach each client the points on their own body so they can continue the healing at home.

I have recently purchase the Otto 64 to balance the nervous system and the Otto 32 to help with lymphatic drainage.  These are a welcomed addition to the healing sound tools that I have at my disposal.  The other tuning forks are used to balance the body and integrate the higher energies of Reiki and sound into the energy field of the body.  This is incredibly powerful combinations of healing work.  I am super grateful to have been guided to learn all of these things and have friends and family willing to let me learn with them.

Great things have been brought to light during sessions the last few months.  The work utilizing both the Karuna Reiki®, Usui Reiki, Tuning forks, and chanting has been deep, profound, and wonderfully healing.  The transformations and breakthrough’s have been incredible and I feel truly blessed to have been a part of the process.   Release the heavy energy and transmute into light…