Reiki Classes-What to expect

With the Reiki level I class, you can expect to leave with a knowledge of the origins of the Usui Reiki energy, as well and how to use the Reiki energy for healing.  We will discuss many different methods for meditations using the Reiki energy to deepen your self-awareness and techniques for self-healing.  This healing modality is opening the door to discovering the Divine compassion within.

After our discussion of the history of the energy, we will learn the techniques and then practice them.   You will leave having both received a session as well as given a session.

Once the class has finished, I continue the practice work afterwards and facilitate reiki discussions and practice groups as we explore the universal divine energy in our own lives.  We will continue to learn to attract our desired reality and project our desired future.

Reiki Level I is on a Sunday. Please allow 5 hours.  You will leave being able to access the healing Reiki energy for yourself and others, from pets, to plants, to family and friends.   You should have a good understanding of the origins of Reiki, different techniques, and experience receiving Reiki from others.  Bring a drink, a yoga mat if you have one, a notebook and a snack. Cost is $100 plus $15 for course book if you do not have a Reiki Manual.

Reiki Level II is on Sunday two weeks later at 10:00 am.  Please allow 5 hours.  Cost is the $130.  At level II you learn more about distance healing and focusing the direction of Reiki at the emotional level and increasing the power of the energy.  We will review different techniques for a full session as well as for acute injuries such as burns and sprains.  I offer follow-up practice times for you to continue your learning.

** If you pre-book for both classes the cost is $200 only, for both.

These classes are like opening the door into yourself.  Many ways to learn and to heal yourself will be presented.  Some aspects will resonate more for you than others and you must honor this and allow for you own path to unfold.

Recommended reading:

  • Secret Life of Plants Peter Thompkins
  • Reiki Fire by Frank Arjava Petter
  • Map of Heaven by Eben Alexander
  • Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander
  • Healing Sounds by Jonathan Goldman


Thank you for reading. 🙂