Reiki Classes-What to expect

Reiki energy is different from other forms of energy work. This method involves connecting you to life energy (ki) from the heavens (rei) which is divinely guided so that it can do no harm. It is a more gentle form of energy work that helps the physical body and emotional body soften and release. This facilitates healing by moving out carbon monoxide and lactic acid from the physical body creating a deep sleep healing state. On an emotional level, Reiki helps a person release what they have been holding so they can open to laughter, life, and wonderment again. For optimal health, ideally everyone would have a Reiki session once a week. My classes involve two different types of Reiki, Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki.

There are three levels to Usui Reiki. Level I, II, & III. This is traditional Reiki and an excellent foundation for a healthy practice and loving way of being. By learning how to work on yourself first and have healthy practices, you will be able to harness this healing energy for soft tissue injury healing, releasing daily stress, improving digestion, and better sleep for yourself and others. Each level increases the flow of the Reiki Energy, read more below. Practice improves the flow as well. Plants, animals, computers, all benefit from improving their function with Reiki. Start with level I and go play!

Usui Reiki Level I includes ICRT book $150

With the Reiki level I class, you can expect to leave with a good sense of Reiki Energy, the origins of the Usui Reiki energy, and how to use the Reiki energy for healing.  We will discuss many different methods for meditations using the Reiki energy to deepen your self-awareness and techniques for self-healing and release.  This healing modality is opening the door to discovering the Divine compassion within.

Once the class has finished, I continue the practice work afterwards and facilitate Reiki discussions and practice groups for a small fee as we explore the universal divine energy in our own lives. These practice sessions are important for sharing our own experience with Reiki and expanding our use of this divine energy for compassionate action to heal ourselves and others. We will continue to learn to attract our desired reality and project our desired future. I ask for a $20 offering for overhead and time.

Reiki Level I is typically on Saturday at 9:30am. Please allow 5-6 hours.  You will leave being able to access the healing Reiki energy for yourself and others, from pets, to plants, to family and friends.   You should have a good understanding of the origins of Reiki, different techniques, and experience receiving Reiki from others.  Bring water to drink, light lunch, a yoga mat & eye covering if you have one, a notebook and a protein-rich snack. Cost is $150 which includes the ICRT Reiki Manual. (Register one week in advance with $30 deposit)

Begin your journey to connect to your heart center in a powerful way.

Usui Reiki Level II $200

Reiki Level II is on Sunday at 9:30am.  Please allow 7  hours.  Cost is $200 and level I is pre-req.  At level II you learn about reiki symbols, how to use them, and are attuned to their energy. There is the distance symbol, emotional symbol and power symbol. If time permits, we will not only draw each symbol, but also journey to each symbol for seeing the multi-dimensional story behind each symbol.  This attunement is an upgrade in the power of the energy flow and is a deeper opening. I include my additional research and reiki meditations for practice.

Everyone will be partnered up with another student to practice distance sessions. We will learn and practice different techniques for a full session as well as for acute injuries such as burns and sprains. Best practices and the Reiki ideals will be reviewed to establish a good routine. Come ready to practice.

Make time once a month to join for the monthly practice sessions to share your experiences and learn from others. I offer one practice class for free per class attended.

If you feel called to practice Reiki and learn more about Chakras and the Energy Body, Reiki classes are a great way to start!

I learned Reiki in 2002 with a weekend intensive. It is more intense than learning Level I and then waiting a few weeks for the energy integration and practicing self-treatments before doing level II. There can be some rather deep healing as your body adjusts to the higher vibrations of energy and you may experience a purge of old wounds. I experienced an old illness of tonsillitis for two days after my weekend intensive but then all cleared away with soup, hot teas and rest. This also coincided with a much needed release of old limiting beliefs during that time.

Dedication to self-care is essential if you would like to sign up for the full weekend intensive. If you feel very passionately about diving in for a quantum vibrational shift, please do sign up for both days. If you are more interested in taking the traditional path, feel free to sign up for either day separately. There is no right or wrong way to open the channel for Reiki Healing energy. I will offer classes again in March.

Usui Reiki Level III $550 Include ICRT book (two parts)

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Level III is a process of connecting you to your higher self with an attunement to the Reiki Master Symbol (Master) and learning to give attunements (teacher) connecting others to Reiki. I prefer to divide level III into two separate classes, part A Master & B Teacher.

Part A Master level $250 is the attunement to Usui Master symbol and practice with this new energy. We learn techniques for aura clearing and energy block removal. This level gives even more tools and I prefer to spend time working on the mastery of these skills before moving into learning attunements. We dig into moving meditations and more.

Part B Teacher $300 is another attunement to new Tibetan Symbols. These symbols facilitate attuning others to Reiki energy. I love to provide time to practice with each one and then leaning into giving attunements. Practicing the hara line meditation and violet breath ahead of class is very helpful. We start with Healing Attunements and move through each level as time permits.

These classes are like opening the door into yourself.  Many ways to learn and to heal yourself will be presented.  Some aspects will resonate more for you than others, It is important to honor this and allow for you own path to unfold.

Karuna Reiki $650 Includes ICRT book

Karuna Reiki is a newer, powerful Reiki energy. The founders says it from the archangels frequency. we are literally channeling their loving energy to help us shed the heavy low frequency states. The energy flows in a different way, instead of like water from a waterfall, it moves more like a foam and expands on a deeps level. I have felt it move energy blocks on all levels of a person’s being for long lasting relief from pain and stuckness. My clients this energy feels more powerful and gets them into Alpha dreamstate very quickly in either the first or second session. I found soft tissue injuries healing in 1/4 the time needed with Usui Reiki alone.

This class is three full days to cover the 8 new symbols and develop a relationship with each. I ask that we make a meeting time a month later to practice and connect with each one again as the energy of each has a different frequency and healing purpose. We will also learn to attune others to the Karuna Reiki energy.

We dig into brain entrainment a bit in this course as well. The frequencies below represent the difference between the frequency flowing from each hand which lead to brain entrainment. Example 1056 htz and 1060 htz create a wave of 4 htz leading to theta state. read more about Sound Therapy Brain states here.

Frequency rangeNameUsually associated with:
> 40 HzGamma wavesHigher mental activity, including perception, problem solving, and consciousness
13–39 HzBeta wavesActive, busy thinking, active processing , active concentration, arousal, and cognition
7–13 HzAlpha wavesCalm relaxed yet alert state
4–7 HzTheta wavesDeep meditation /relaxation, REM sleep
< 4 HzDelta wavesDeep dreamless sleep, loss of body awareness

Acupressure with Tuning Forks Class $111

In the course we will practice using an Otto Tuner (weighted tuning fork) at acupressure points for energy balance through the physical body for optimal Chi aka Prana or Ki. Please bring either a 128 htz, or 136.1 htz tuning fork for the class. I will provide the manual. We will spend time talking about contra-indications, things to consider, practices, and special points and routines. For class registration i will ask about health challenges you would like to learn to work on with this method.
If there’s enough interest, we will gather and continúe practice once a month-$20 offering suggested.

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Thank you for reading. 🙂