Are you ready to delve deeper into your self?

Reiki Classes involve releasing layers of emotions to free yourself to be in the present to do energy work. We start with a history of Reiki (Energy from the heavens) both the Japanese origin story and the scientific Western understanding of how Reiki works. In each class I also will discuss the shamanic perspective and Sound Therapy perspective for how this works. There are 5 different Reiki levels I teach for self-work or for work on others. Reiki with animals is incredibly rewarding as is Reiki with children. If you are interested in the teacher track that is an additional apprenticeship program, email me for more information.

Master level/ Level III (6 months minimum after Level II) $550 Divided into two parts

11am-3pm Day 1/11am-3pm Day 2

Part 1: We begin with a review of Usui Reiki and the previous symbols. We will discuss the use of the symbols and how the energy feels in your practice.

This class attunes you to the next set of symbols and stronger Reiki energy. We will draw and journey to each new symbol to connect with the multi-dimensional story and power of each one.

Here we will intensify the strength of the treatment and how effective the stress release and healing that follows. Again practice time will be given for each attendee along with additional work needed to proceed to the next level.

9am-3 pm

Part 2 : Learning to give attunements and teach Reiki. We will practice various techniques. Course material and important things to cover will also be included along with my personal teachings discovered along the way.

If you are interested in joining in any of these classes, please sign up here with some info about which classes you would like and when. Thank you!