Serenity Attunement

Welcome to Serenity Attunement.  Emotional fluency is a huge step on the road to wellness.  Understanding the root feelings for anger, resentment, sadness, and shame is the key to healing past traumas for balanced living in the present.  Compassion and gratitude are some of the most powerful emotions that promote an elevated frequency  and energy flow through the body for wellness.  Book a session to see what I mean.

Offerings include:

  1. Usui Reiki
  2. Karuna Reiki
  3. Biofield Tuning
  4. Acupressure
  5. Acutuning (adding tuning forks)
  6. Aromatherapy


Click here to book for online session.  If you wish an in-person session please indicate on the form online.  Please contact me about class times and offerings if you wish to learn to continue the work with Reiki at home.


My name is Kimberly Naugle Long and I have been practicing Reiki in Athens, GA since 2002.  My goal is to facilitate the healing process in each person, tailored to everyone’s individual needs.  I utilize both Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki, Acutuning, Acupressure, and Biofield Tuning to reconnect the mind, body, and emotions, essentially giving you a wellness tune-up.   Once relaxed I use guided meditations and visualizations to help you attain your state of wellness.

Reiki sessions attune each person’s physical body to a relaxed rhythm to clear congestion (areas of tightness and soft tissue distress), reduce inflammation, and improve circulation to harmonize the body to run smoothly as healthy body systems should.  This technique is wonderful for speeding the healing of acute injury such as sprained ankle, slow to heal bones, pulled muscles, and burns.  Reiki can also help poor digestion and allow you to relax to dig deeper into the root of the problem. Both Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki can help facilitate deep healing.

Emotional and physical stress both depress the immune system and reduce circulation and digestion.  Learn how to deeply relax and restore the bodies operations.  Restorative Sessions are styled like a spa session for complete relaxation and feeling light, filled with peace, and happy once you leave. These are ideal for those who are under going intensive treatments for cancer or other debilitating illnesses, or for the caretakers of the chronically ill.

Biofield Tuning may be beneficial for headaches, migraines, concussions, PTSD, chronic back pain, chronic neck pain, poor digestion, depression, anxiety, and so many more things!  I have found all of these diseases to be addressed well in my clients.  This technique is not ideal for an illness where there is acute injury with acute inflammation, someone under going cancer treatment, or for someone with is pregnant.   I have been practicing Biofield Tuning for the last year.  The results are truly powerful. A full session tends to cause a detox, far more powerful than after deep tissue massage, and for now, with the Reiki added at the end of the session, no one has experienced any trouble afterwards.  This method is very powerful, and can move deeply troubling experiences that still cause physical pain, and smooth them out so that they are no longer traumatic experiences.  With a few sessions, emotional balance can be restored with lasting results.

Choose from restorative reiki sessions to simply relax and rejuvenate, rehabilitative reiki sessions fusing acupressure for acute injuries and traumas, and therapeutic biofield tuning and reiki fusion sessions for learning to balance and manage stress and pain in your life.  Please specify if you would like to simply relax and restore without the deeper work.

Recently I have added the option of using drumming for brain entrainment to help facilitate deeper work if needed…it helps facilitate wakeful dreaming and connecting with the subconscious (inner self, higher self, divine self, etc.) for deeper guidance and wisdom.  Please ask if you are interested in a journey within.

I offer sessions many times a week.  The energy exchange requested is $60 per session.  Please call or text at 706-two zero seven-4253 or book online here.  Emails are also welcome at

If this currency is not an easy option for you, please ask about bartering and/or combinations of payment.  I accept Paypal and cash.

Distance sessions are available for $60 per hour session.  It’s $30/half hour.  This does involve us talking before hand and requires that you have access to a nice quiet space.   We can connect on skype or simply talk on the phone before and then commence the session.


By incorporating acupressure and tuning forks, I have discovered a method to quickly clear the blockages of our physical bodies that can manifest into disease.  Reiki works the life energy flow through the body similarly to acupressure and acupuncture with the intention being to optimize the flow of energy in the bodies energy highways.  By utilizing the vibration of the tuning forks at key acupressure locations, the energy block is quickly released and the tissue surround the area of touch can have improved circulation, improved feeling of wellness, and better healing.  My co-workers, friends, and family have all reported similar benefits from the use of the tuning forks, despite their level of skepticism.  See my page on research for more detailed information.



To schedule an appointment simply call or text me at (706) 207-4two5three, click here for online bookings.  If you would like to book an in person session, please indicate that on the form when you book online. This will allow for sufficient space between the bookings.

or email me at


West side Athens at Unity Athens in Bell’s shopping center @995 Hawthorne Ave, Athens, Ga 30605

Downtown Athens located in the Flicker Theatre @ 265 W. Washington St, Athens, GA 30601

next to Flicker Bar and Clocked Cafe


Downtown Comer located in JadeSpring Wellness Center

1956 Main Street, Comer, GA 30629