Kimberly Naugle Long, BA, COA,  Usui Reiki, Karuna®Reiki Master/ Teacher, Athens, GA
My Reiki Journey- Seeking the Energy
My journey began in college.  I began working towards an Associates of Fine Arts from Young Harris college where I fell in love with studying calculus, art, world religions, astronomy, and herbal remedies. At this magical place in the mountains, I felt at home. This lead me to further questions about feelings, energy, and sense of place.

Western Credentials

At the University of Georgia I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Arts in Anthropology and a minor in Spanish after struggling to decide on an area of study.  Starting as pre-med, I realized the 60-80 hour work week with mountains of school debt was far outside of my comfort zone. My focus turned to different cultures’ healing methods and views of the world.  The sacred geometry in Mayan pyramids, the understanding of astronomy, and the focus on the heavens fascinated me as well.  We learned about the botanical knowledge in these groups as well as on their methods for healing. Indigenous groups always included the spiritual side for healing, really for everything.

methods for healing

After finishing school, I searched for jobs in the medical field to help me decide better which line of the healing arts I wished to learn. My first job out of college was at a local chiropractic office. After being disenchanted with the experience (such a variety of practitioners and belief systems,) I saw adjusting only the bones would help only temporarily and only one of the chiropractors at the group included stretching and exercises for the clients to learn to help their bodies heal. I chose to escape to Mexico and explore the Mayan communities and practice Spanish outside of school.

Reiki Journey Begins

My journey with Reiki began after returning from that 3 month adventure. I ran into an old high school friend and we began talking of healing. Knowing now there are few coincidences, I see that I was exactly where I needed to be. She was a Reiki Master and had been practicing martial arts since she was a teen. Rebecca Rogers became my teacher.

The next medical job was at a local Ophthalmology practice. The training and skills here fascinated me. From patient history taking, to LASIK surgery assisting, to pre-op and post-oping patients for cataract surgery, I learned how to communicate with patients. There is a large gap between providers and their patients as the average time spent with patients is about 5 minutes. My focus became determining the needs of the patients to facilitate better communication with the providers. I moved to patient education and counsellor over the years, which provided me with great insight on how to efficiently detect the root of clients problems.

As my family grew, this job provided us with stability I needed. I practiced Reiki on myself and family over the years, finding Reiki to soothe tummies, inflamed airways, heals burns rapidly, helps my kitties calm down, relax muscles, and allow for deep healing similar to deep sleep. My confidence in the importance of energetic healing grew. After 17 years of clinical experience in Western medicine, my focus turns to the Sacred geometry, integrals, healing sounds and how it all fits together to heal the body, mind, and soul.

Karuna Reiki Master, Energy Healing, and Biofield Tuning Studies Begin

My Eastern credentials include Master teacher levels in both Usui Reiki Ryoho and Karuna® Reiki.  I have been practicing Usui Reiki Level I and II since 2002 and the Master Level since April 2014.  In November of 2014 I started my learning of Sound Healing in a 6 session online course through Evolver Learning Lab which included the wisdom of Alexandre Tannous the host and the guest lecturers of Dr. John Beaulieu,, and Jeff Volk of Cymatic studies.

In March of 2015 I received the Karuna® Master/ Teacher level training.  This accelerated my goal of opening a private practice outside of my home.   Read more of my journey in Reiki and healing arts on here.

In November of 2015 I began taking classes in acupressure through the five month Acupressure Mastery Program with Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.  This course is amazing and I highly recommend signing up for any one of his many courses.  I learned to combine the Otto 128 Tuning fork with the acupressure points to maximize balancing the energy in the body.  The results from this has been amazing.  It deepens the relaxation and sense of well-being throughout the whole body for longer lasting results. I continue to study this annually.

Study of the Energy Field aka Biofield aka Aura Begins

In February of 2016 I began learning about Biofield Tuning.  This has been a tremendous help for me by giving a map of the biofield, and has helped me to learn more about the areas of energy disruption that I have been finding in clients that are several feet off their bodies.  I finally allowed for the possibility of the aura and past life trauma being stored there. The book Tuning the Human Biofield  gives a wonderful culturally appropriate mapping of the chakras and how the emotions are stored in relationship to them.  In the book, Eileen McKusick writes of her 20 years experience discovering where we store emotions in the form of trauma when we do not learn healthy emotional fluency.

Spiritual Counselling

After working a while in Energy Medicine and stepping deeper into Spiritual Counseling, I became an ordained Minister in April of 2018. I have officiated many weddings, and two bilingual Spanish-English weddings. I love the intimate setting for the ceremony and getting to know the couples before hand to help shape the ceremony. Each couples story is unique and deserves to be celebrated as they share the most important force in the universe: LOVE. 

In 2019 I began on an apprenticeship with Christy Gray, an elder of our community with over 40 years of experience in delving into the Mystery. She coached me in the art of ceremonies, Blessing Way, Journeying, Tarot Card reading, and Inner Source sessions. I was guided to meet with her in an amazingly vivid dream after I miscarried in September 2018. Driving up the road to her home where I now offer sessions was like a deep remembering. My dream introduced me to her and the importance of her teachings and as I pulled up her driveway, I felt at home. She is such a wonderful Spiritual Guide/ Counsellor. Reach out to her at Christy offers Tribe Newsletters regularly and will help share your offerings as well. 

New Pandemic Energy Healing Discoveries

Quantum Healing

In January of 2021, I began studying Quantum Healing. With this method I blend energy in from above and energy from below to create a powerful energetic vortex with breath-work to move hard energy out. Healing works powerfully, and it is amazing for healing soft tissue injuries, broken bones, wounds, and spiritual work. This technique does push the physical body, energy body, and emotional body through quick healing, so I find this to move mountains. It is important for each recipient to know how to relax and a background in meditation or yoga is ideal.

While practicing Quantum Healing, I learned that the energy flows through us ideally through the energetic core. This connects the energy from from above through and out below each of us. This flow creates a current for releasing stress, shock, or any hard/sticky energy from emotional response. The key to unlocking this powerful flow for staying present in the physical body, is to experience an awareness of flow down through the crown, through the high heart, down through the center of the hips at a junction right between tailbone and lower belly. Once a person accesses this level of grounding, the flow will help them stay present in the physical body for a better sense of themselves. I am thrilled to share this new discovery!

With this new sense of flow and checking in on my energy, I have a better understanding of how to tend to myself first so that I may give what overflows. Quantum Healing includes additional energy flow through a Lunar, Solar, Galactic, and Universal chakra tapping into super high frequency energies from above for the flow. The study helped me sense the deeper current that becomes a strong flow through all once they are connected. The power of the energetic core once connected washes away harder energies. This improved flow helps to create healthy boundaries. Healthier boundaries has become my focus as my old way of doing things was to check on others first and then myself.

Aura Healing

From May through December I have received, practiced, and begun to offer Aura Healing work taught by Janet Wright. Her playful method is a great upgrade to prior heavy work with shamanic methods. Intermittently I still receive healings from her. The playful way with which past-life trauma, energy chords, and baggage is healed keeps me coming back to this for each of my clients also. I learned a tremendous amount about the importance of wide , clear groundings that need to be tended often for healthy boundaries in all aspects of life. Please explore her work on youtube. It is time for everyone to learn what a powerful energy being they are and how to heal. She offers free lessons on her YouTube channel, Janet Wright’s Readings.

Holy Fire III Reiki Upgrade

November of 2021 I decided it was time to try Holy Fire Reiki upgrade. I was not super excited to do anymore online classes. My focus was to find an in-person teacher. Luckily, just a few counties away, Tricia Custenborder is offering her healing work through Serenity House Healing. She taught me about placements and connecting with the new energy of Holy Fire. This energy does work powerfully to burn hot in focused areas while working close to the physical body and more in the whole aura when working further away near the crown, heart, or sacral chakras. What is interesting, is this does the work to melt harder energy and blocks without my having to locate and focus on them as before with Karuna Reiki alone. This is the next step in Reiki Healing for sure. 

My experience with these healings is profound and lasting. Learning how to work on my self with her has shown me the importance of teaching everyone to have a wide grounding for their entire energy body to expand below them to release off all the stress, heavy emotions. I am passionate about teaching each of my clients and students how to heal and have strong boundaries energetically for healthy living. If you’d like to learn more, please reach out.

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