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You Have The POWER To Heal

Love, compassion, and gratitude are the most powerful healing emotions. These feelings allow energy to flow vibrantly through the body for optimal flow. Tune-In to these feelings & flow for healing.  

I began studying Reiki in 2002, sound therapy in 2015. See my bio- Kimberly Naugle Long- page for more of my story. 

Kimberly Naugle Long

If you are unable to find a time that suits your needs, just reach out.

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If this is your first experience with energy work, I will stick with gentle, divinely guided Reiki. If you prefer one modality over another, please read through options when booking.

  • 60 minutes Intuitive Energy Balancing Blended Session is $88 (This is recommended for those with prior energy healing experience.)
  • 75 minute Intuitive Energy Balancing Blended Session is $111 (Allows for extra Aura Repair and Polish for strengthening healthy boundaries-HIGHLY recommend for New Clients)
  • 90 Minute Intuitive Energy Balancing with Light Body Upgrade $144 (all of the above plus light body activation/upgrade)
  • When booking one of the above, you may wish to add-on a personal Aromatherapy Blend for further energy flow maintenance at home, Tarot Card Reading for additional guidance for releasing Resistance for a reduced rate.

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PACKAGE DEALS Available- pay ahead and save!

Once you have received your initial session, you may wish to prepay and save for you next few sessions.

  • Set of three 60 minute sessions for $241 regular price $264
  • Set of six 60 minute sessions for $463 regular price $528
  • Set of three 75 minute sessions for $300 regular price $333

Distance sessions are available and recommended if you are high-risk. The distance requires that you have access to a nice quiet space.  We can connect on google meet, facetime, whatsapp, FB messenger, or simply talk on the phone, and then commence the session.

REIKI-Holy Fire III® Karuna & Usui Reiki

Karuna & Usui Reiki

I also teach Reiki. I would be honored to be your guide.

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If you would like to learn more about the science behind Reiki, please read here.



This technique is more intense and requires you take care the days following with eating healthy food and being kind to your body. With Biofield Tuning, old traumas and emotional wounds that get trapped in the body can be found and released on many levels. With this method, there is a way to read the timeline and identify when the trauma occurred to help facilitate release. It works well to heal old injuries, to release hip pain, to reset PTSD, to release sciatica, and more.

***Contra-indicated for those with pace makers, defibrillator, cancer or pregnancy.

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Learn more about Biofield Tuning here.



Quantum Healing is one of my favorites for helping to push through energy blocks and reconnect someone powerfully to their energy body on all levels using energy and breathwork. Due to the powerful nature of this modality, it is recommended after someone has experience with Reiki otherwise headaches may result as the energy may be held in unintentionally after the session. Post session it is ideal to be able to hydrate well and eat nourishing foods and take a time to rest afterwards. Ideally each client will be able to stay grounded through a variety of techniques taught at the end of the session.

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Angel Aura Healing is fun and allows for great repair on many levels: subconscious, past-life, aura, and chakras which will support best physical health. This method is powerful and requires coaching on grounding and staying present with the client beforehand so that the big release can continue and not cause distress. I like to schedule this type of session with an hour at least for the first part and then I recheck grounding for a few days on the client for a final aura repair/ rebalancing after 3 days. This session is powerful!!! Highly recommend this for those with previous energy-work experience. Must have had a reiki experience or recent healing touch session for this appointment.

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I am so thrilled to add this service to my list of offerings. These sessions are $88 for an hour reading. We delve deeply into the questions of life and tap into the divine to gain guidance. This is a wonderful way to settle in to hear our inner wisdom. Remote sessions via video chat are $88. Now offering short readings to add on to any of your energy-work sessions.

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After working in a clinical setting as a patient educator in ophthalmology, I took my skills helping coach clients to be able to ask for what they wanted, to the spiritual realm. Helping people to reconnect to their intuition and inner guidance is my passion. I love to help couples reconnect to their hearts and learn to communication from that space.  Also when someone awakens to their spiritual side and would like to learn to explore a new way of being, i love helping them to shift their perspective to an expansive love-filled view of life and the world around them. If you are ready to walk in the heart-centered path that only you can blaze on this Earth, please reach out. I am happy to help be a light in the darkness until you shine bright enough with your connection to the divine.

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Physical Address:

1421 Rockinwood Drive (right side entrance)

Athens, GA 30606

Reiki and Sound Therapy Testimonials

Kim is an experienced and highly effective energy healer. She uses a technique that is customized so that the person experiencing the energy healing can receive maximum benefit. Keep up the great work, Kim!

—Stephen B.

Kim is an amazing healer, spiritual guide, teacher and light worker. It has been my honor to be on the receiving end of her healing work, in the classroom together, as a friend and fellow lightworker and healer supporting one another on our own paths. Kim is one of the few spiritual guides that I recommend to others because she stands in truth, integrity, discernment, maturity, light-heartedness, inner beauty, non-judgment and peace. I would highly recommend her as a Reiki teacher, spiritual guide and as a healer.

–Heather Ann Ryland
Marconics Ascension Energetics Teacher and Practitioner

Had a wonderful and powerful experience. Very happy with the difference I can feel a difference in my body and soul. I will be going back next week, can’t wait to feel the results after numerous sessions. I highly recommend.

—Megan M.

Kimberly is a compassionate, caring, and engaging Reiki provider and instructor. Working with her always calms my spirit and rejuvenates my mind and body. She is a gifted individual and my ability to regulate and respond to my emotional well-being has greatly improved over my years of working with her.                                 —Dr. Shena G.

Kim did a reiki session with me on Wednesday and I have to say it was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I cannot wait for another sessions. She is awesome and has a wonderful gift. I hope to see her sharing this gift with many more people.

—Leeanne C.

I cannot emphasize enough how I glad I am that I contacted Kim and had a reiki session with her. I have since had many more sessions with her and after each I can feel the clearing and healing! My husband has enjoyed his sessions as well. I would highly recommend her to anyone for results of overall well being and relief from aches and pains. My husband and I both had a session before a long day of travel and we felt 25 years younger and had more energy! So grateful to connect with such a true giver of love and light!

—Diane W.

 Here is a short video– thanks for understanding videography is a new skill. 🙂

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Serenity Attunement