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Reiki and Sound Therapy can help balance your energy

Love, compassion, and gratitude are the most powerful healing emotions. These feelings promote an elevated, coherent frequency that radiates out and allows energy to flow vibrantly through the body for wellness. This facilitates a release of old wounds, traumas, and emotions that are locked into both the physical body and the energy body.
In session,  I utilize several techniques to help you balance energy and release tension for stress and pain release. These techniques can benefit those with PTSD, headaches, feeling stuck, feeling overwhelmed, fatigue, pain, slow to heal injuries, as well as reconnecting with your path and life purpose. 

Learn to allow your body to heal with energy and sound therapies. 


My name is Kim Naugle Long and I have been studying energy medicine for over 20 years, sound therapy for 5 years. Read more on my bio page. 

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The energy exchange requested is $80 per 75 minute session. If possible a longer initial session will help us to target our goals and set intention. Please allow 85 minutes in your schedule for your initial session. Distance session over video chat or phone are now $70 to help with anxiety or stress due to the added challenges of our times.

Please call or text at 706-207-4253. Emails are also welcome at healingwithangels77@gmail.com.


Package deals are as follows:

  • Package A Two energy work sessions paid as package are  $148 (save $12)
  • Package B Three energy work sessions paid as package are  $210 (save $30)
  • Package C Four energy work sessions  paid as package are  $265 (save $55)
  • Package D Five energy work session paid as package deal are  $320 (save $80)

When targeting old traumas or releasing old habits that no longer serve you, please plan on a package of three, with a bi-weekly session, to help reset and progress through the work. You deserve to live an empowered live with vibrant connection to your energy!   If stress release from work or life are your goal for relaxation, then I highly recommend a monthly visit. These times are providing us a great opportunity to heal.

If you would like to learn more about the science behind Reiki, please read here.

COVID- precautions. We will discuss our treatment plans and set intention outside prior to session, the room will have been sanitized with all surfaces, door knobs, and handles wiped down, the bed will have clean linen after being wiped down as well. I will have the room aired out for 30 minutes between each client as the whole room has windows on three walls. If you are high-risk, consider a remote distance session or call me and we can discuss availability for an outdoor session.


This technique is slightly more intense and requires you taking care the days following with eating healthy food and being kind to your body. This is an hour for $85, same price for distance work. This does involve us talking before hand and requires that you have access to a nice quiet space, also.  Contra-indicated for those with pace makers, defibrillator, cancer or pregnancy. Learn more about Biofield Tuning here.

We can connect on skype or simply talk on the phone for the session.


I am so thrilled to add this service to my list of offerings. These sessions are $65 for an hour reading. We delve deeply into the questions of life and tap into the divine to gain guidance. This is a wonderful way to settle in to hear our inner wisdom. Remote sessions via video chat are $40 during these challenging times.


1421 Rockinwood Drive (right side entrance)

Athens, GA 30606

Techniques used in session include:

  1. Usui Reiki (Extremely Low Frequency Sound therapies between 0.5 cps and 35 cps) A Japanese Method for healing touch that promotes relaxation and healing

  2. Karuna Reiki (Extremely Low Frequency Sound therapies higher intensity along with chanting and toning for higher level work on spirit & emotional body: past, present and future) A North American Reiki technique said to be the higher frequency energy of the archangels. Many report a much stronger sensation during sessions and long lasting benefits.

  3. Biofield Tuning (Balancing the biofield using tuning forks of 128 cps up to 512 cps-to realign the emotional, physical and spirit bodies for an optimal coherent field)

  4. Acupressure (clears energy blockages in the energy body which lead to illness in the physical body if not released)

  5. Acutuning (adding tuning forks to acupressure for enhanced energy balancing)

  6. Aromatherapy (intuitive Personal Blends for continued energy realignment at home)

Additional Offerings Include:

  1. Crystal Balancing (helps to clear the energy and spirit body) by request
  2. Arc Angel Oracle Card readings (intuitive guidance) $25 – 5 card
  3. Tarot Card Reading $65
  4. Wedding Officiant $250-350
  5. Life Coach or Apprenticeship $225 /month includes two sessions of 75 minutes each, one distance session,  and phone/online support throughout the month.
  6. Spiritual Counseling $70-120/session (1-2 hours)

Reiki and Sound Therapy Testimonials

Kim is an experienced and highly effective energy healer. She uses a technique that is customized so that the person experiencing the energy healing can receive maximum benefit. Keep up the great work, Kim!

—Stephen B.

Had a wonderful and powerful experience. Very happy with the difference I can feel a difference in my body and soul. I will be going back next week, can’t wait to feel the results after numerous sessions. I highly recommend.

—Megan M.

Kimberly is a compassionate, caring, and engaging Reiki provider and instructor. Working with her always calms my spirit and rejuvenates my mind and body. She is a gifted individual and my ability to regulate and respond to my emotional well-being has greatly improved over my years of working with her.                                 —Dr. Shena G.

Kim did a reiki session with me on Wednesday and I have to say it was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I cannot wait for another sessions. She is awesome and has a wonderful gift. I hope to see her sharing this gift with many more people.

—Leeanne C.

I cannot emphasize enough how I glad I am that I contacted Kim and had a reiki session with her. I have since had many more sessions with her and after each I can feel the clearing and healing! My husband has enjoyed his sessions as well. I would highly recommend her to anyone for results of overall well being and relief from aches and pains. My husband and I both had a session before a long day of travel and we felt 25 years younger and had more energy! So grateful to connect with such a true giver of love and light!

—Diane W.


From beginning to end, Kim has been such a blessing! She went over and beyond the call of duty as our wedding officiant! She offered guidance and support we needed for our special day. We could not have dreamt up a more perfect ceremony. We owe Kim tremendously. The ceremony was personal and really reflected who we are as a couple. We would highly recommend Kim. Great job!

—Amy B.

I highly recommend Kim Naugle Long as your wedding officiant. Kim served as officiant in for our wedding ceremony April 27, 2019 in Lawrenceville, GA. She was EXCELLENT. I had known her for decades, going back to our years in college and traveling Central America, so the choice was easy for me. She is a wonderful, caring, considerate person, and I knew it would be so special to have her marry us. Kim guided us through the legal hoops. She made herself totally available to us by phone and teleconference, even though we hired her weeks before the ceremony…Most importantly, she wanted to give us *exactly what we wanted* in our ceremony. She made an effort to get to know my now husband Jay. She mentioned special unique things about us in the ceremony. She was there in the bridal suite and groom’s suite before the ceremony to make sure we were both happy with the final vows. It was a great experience. I highly recommend her as your wedding officiant.    

—Cass Nelson-Dooley, MS


Rating: 5 out of 5.