Free Video Meditations

This page provides links to my YouTube channel where I have made free video Holy Fire Reiki Healing meditations and Healthy Energy Boundary practices that I find to be helpful. These practices awaken the flow of energy through the body and lock in the “feeling of flow” to maintain the connection to healing energy. Please enjoy, like, and share to help others find these.

You are a powerful HUGE energy Be-ing. Allow your connection to healing flow awaken.

Awaken To Flow

This ten minute video uses guided meditation to help you see your flow in your mind’s eye and then over time you will feel it. This is key to healing and accessing flow of Reiki, Chi, Ki, and light/sound for healing.

Clearing Energy Chords-Made Easy

Energetic chording happens all the time. Here is a simple way to clear your energy field of any chords for optimal flow and healthy boundaries. I recommend this as a daily practice.

Releasing the Stories to Clear your Path

Do you find yourself stuck in similar conflicts over and over? How are you limiting your healing of these lessons? Shift into observer and allow healing energy to flow through you and repair any stories that are out of alignment. Seeing the silver lining is key to gaining the wisdom from the experience and moving into flow.

Create Your Grounding for Continuous Healing Flow

We are powerful energy creators and shocking events, even reading a headline, cause hard energy to block your flow. Try this meditation out to reconnect to your own healing flow of energy and release, and learn to keep releasing continually for healing continuously.

Interview on Spiritual Practice with Christy Gray & Kim Naugle Long

Divine Gold Honey Meditation starts at 4:22