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Book Your Service - Serenity Attunement
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Private Sessions for Reiki Energy Balancing to Release, Restore, and Reconnect to Wisdom Within

Serenity Attunement Intuitive Reiki
Serenity Attunement Intuitive Reiki

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Private Sessions

In-Person or Online sessions are available for all modalities except acupressure.

To begin the journey it is best to start with a Reiki Healing session. I love for new clients to book an Intuitive Energy-work Session for their first time. This will include Holy Fire Reiki with Usui and Karuna Reiki energy blended as needed. Once the stress and holding has been released on the physical and spiritual levels, you may choose to try other modalities depending on your focus for clearing.

Biofield Tuning focuses on clearing emotional trauma. This technique involves using tuning forks in the energy filed to clear blocks, stuck energy, and restore harmonious flow. Aftercare is required for several days as the body must process out old stuck energy, emotions, and old debris.

Quantum Healing clears energy on the physical body as well as the aura and energy layers of a person.

Angel Aura Healing focuses on the energy of the aura repair using gold light and the angels. They do the healing while I check in on the many layers of the aura, chakras, and ask for help with repair. This does involve teaching some of the basic practices. I follow up a few days later to see how well the grounding is flowing and we reconnect to review the practice.

If you prefer one method over another, please let me know your preference before we begin. Here’s a list of the package options as one starts the journey and at least two more will help push you to the next level.

Group Sessions

Twice a month I offer a group healing meditation with Holy Fire III Reiki and Sound Therapy. Please join us to see what this is all about!

Distance sessions are available. The distance sessions does involve us talking before hand and requires that you have access to a nice quiet space.   We can connect on skype, facetime, FB messenger, whatsapp, or simply talk on the phone before, and then commence the session.

Class Schedule

Class schedule here.  Please allow plenty of time for the teaching and practice each class day.

Tarot Card Reading

Are you finding yourself struggling to make a decision about something important in your life. Do you wish you could have more guidance to help you? Is there a new opportunity just around the corner? Try a tarot card reading. The readings last an hour and will allow for us to discuss your life situation and then delve deeper with the cards for intuitive direction. With each reading, we tap into the divine wisdom that can give you the comfort of knowing what would be helpful to remember, helpful to do, and a good way to see the situation. Sometimes just a subtle change in perspective, opens another door. Book a tarot card reading if this appeals to you. $65 for an hour in-person reading, $35 for a remote session.

The Hanged One is one of my favorite cards, Depending on where the card lands in the reading, he typically indicates the need to pause, observe, and reflect on the situation to see things from a new perspective,… as in it is not time to act. The time to wait and watch is here… give time for a whole new way to see things.