Booking Appointments

I offer sessions many times a week for Reiki in Athens, GA.  The energy exchange requested is $80 per session.  The initial session may last about 75 minutes and the subsequent sessions are typically 60 minutes, and $70. Please feel free to call or text me for an appointment.  706-Two zero seven-4253.

Please feel free to use email to contact me to set up your appointment, ask questions, or get more information.

If this currency is not an option for you, please ask about bartering options.  I accept Paypal and cash.

Distance sessions are available for $55 per hour session which incorporates both reiki and biofield tuning.  This does involve us talking before hand and requires that you have access to a nice quiet space.   We can connect on skype or simply talk on the phone before and then commence the session.

I offer soy wax candles imbued with the reiki energy set to the intention of your goals and ship them to you as well.  Priced by size of candles.  Shipping additional.

Class calendar to be announced.  Please allow 5 hours for the teaching and practice time each class day.