Multidimensional Healing- you are your best healer

You have the capacity to experience multi-dimensional healing – healing that reaches parts of you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The great thing is, you don’t have to be aware of it all. It takes shifting from shielding to allowing healing energy to flow through you. Maximizing flow is the key.

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You are your best healer. You must heal yourself in order to help facilitate healing in others. You are allowed to nourish yourself first. In fact, you should.

As a child I knew that what was happening with doctors and medicine didn’t make any sense. The belief that my body requiring pills to win a war with illness felt wrong. The idea that there was a root weakness, an area overburdened and out of balance needing attention, made far more sense. I followed the massage path, chiropractic as an assistant, and when I found energy medicine- I knew this was the missing link. The rapid relief of pain and release of body tension was incredible for myself & clients over and over again.

Our bodies are not broken, just over burdened. With Reiki & Sound Therapy I was able to find to subtle shifts needed to support my body’s healing. I learned I could hold space for this healing without depleting myself. You can, too.

Each person is their own best healer. You are not broken. The time is NOW to learn how and begin to trust and access the wisdom within you. My passion is helping you reconnect to your inner guide.

Let’s do big healing work together. I counsel and provide tools for empaths, healers, and counselors to create healthy energy boundaries and generate multidimensional healing so they can best channel and share their gifts. Common modalities I pull from are reiki, sound therapy, spiritual counseling, meditation, energy, light body, and aura healing.

meditation with healing white golden light of the heavens
through meditation I connect to the healing power of the highest white golden heavenly energy for healing on all levels.

Healing doesn’t have to be depleting, it can be fun and fulfilling. It’s time to connect you with the tools you need to become your own healer.