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January 2016 - Serenity Attunement
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Why Anger and Fear Must be Transformed

Of the human feelings, fear is the most crippling.  It shrivels the heart rendering a person weak, decisions will not be good at this time.   Anger will burst forward many times to cover fear.  Fear can sneak in through small cracks in our soul left from childhood terrors.  We must be brave to look at emotional damage deeply and sit with it thus transforming the trigger from powerful sweeping emotions into simply feelings that wash over us.  This work may seem scary but the rewards are great.  You don’t have to go it alone.  Become the observer!  Learn how your emotions affect you.  Learn to watch you body.

The stronger the connection to our soul, the brighter our light will shine.  The more fear we have lingering in our past that has not been reviewed, massaged, softened, and brought into light, the more heavy weight we have holding us back from reaching our full potential.  Fear is rooted deep.  field

Imagine fear in picture form as a weed in your soul garden.   Each time you see it and recognize it, you brush it away leaving a clean garden bed.   But it returns, and every time you ignore it, the root still lingers and grows bigger, stronger and the fear blooms larger and more powerful each new shoot.  You must dig out the root, pull back the layers down through your childhood to the first experience of fear.   You must look inside and sit with the feelings that go with that fear.  Accept them as being part of the human experience, they are feelings that make your life richer, deeper and more beautiful because you can have compassion for someone else in a similar situation.   See your experience, feel your fear, and be ok with it.  Do not allow shame or judgement to speak inside of you. Love your younger self and validate how upsetting that moment and emotion was for baby you.  Ask her what she needs (to be hugged, defended, protected) and give that to her in that moment.  You are human, these feelings are part of being human.   Do not turn away from any part of yourself.

It takes time to work with these moments and when we are under periods of stress these experiences that we have rooted deep in fear will rear their ugly head.  If it is too much to face them alone, let’s do this together in guided meditation of the Karuna Reiki session with the benefit of tuning forks to weave in the new way of thinking.  Welcome all feelings in with the acceptance of being human.  Polish that dark heavy weight on your back, transform it to light and allow your soul to shine.  Love is the most powerful force of all.

If you would like to watch videos on the importance of doing the self work, please watch Teal Swan on Youtube.