Expanding Reiki Energy-work with Quantum Healing.

Have you ever wondered about this “energy” that people talk about? Have you watching Masked Singer and felt the most powerful performer give you goose bumps? Have you watched Dancing with the Stars and felt inspired watching? This is energy moving through them into you. These talented individuals are filled with love while doing these activities, and we feel it as observers.

This energy of love has a very powerful frequency, and other beings match it through entrainment. This process is similar to playing a piano and the sound wave causing the string on a guitar across the room to vibrate. The same thing happens with two grandfather clocks on two separate sides of the rooms, eventually they match the swing of the pendulum to each other.

Since we are made up of mostly water and we all have an electromagnetic field that radiates a frequency when we are happy, energized, or filled with love and excitement, it only makes sense that we can help each other using frequencies to heal our bodies. The thing about the electromagnetic fields though, is that is behaves like plasma (see Biofield tuning). What else behaves like a plasma?


Fire moves in a unique way. Understanding the way fire moves can help us to visualize how to reconnect our energy to our physical body. The spiraling pattern as it moves up in an enclosed space as sir blows into the area feeding the flame is exactly how Quantum Healing spirals up through a body, blasting away blocks, tension, stress and patterns of holding that prevent healing. It’s been quite incredible. How does this differ from Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle, divinely guided healing energy. It works by connecting us to a loving frequency from the ionosphere that pours down into the practitioner and they focus that energy for the clients benefit. This works to help people, animals, and plants. This is a one hundred year old Japanese healing modality which likely branched from a Buddhist healing method that’s thousands of years old. This new healing modality Quantum Healing, works to blast through blocks in a powerful way using the Reiki energy from above and adding to it. We are adding breath-work, spiraling the energy up from below to meet the Reiki energy pouring in from above to create a powerful energy spiral. This is such a powerful experience, and is definitely the next step in healing.

This amps up the frequency by Quantum leaps into a whole new realm of potential for healing. Every client has felt the energy almost immediately. To me it feels like a warm hug and then starts to move through the body in waves. I have witnessed powerful release of old injuries, traumas, and old ways of thinking over these last few weeks. It’s been really beautiful to watch clients relax deeply and allow their body’s to heal at a whole different level.

If you are ready to take your healing to a new level, reach out and try Quantum Healing! I am super excited to bring this new modality to my clients as I felt it provide a deeper level of reconnecting each one of us to our healing potential. There is powerful healing energy in everything around us and this really helps to provide that reconnection that we have all lost somewhere along the way.

If you are new to energy work, please reach out and book a session. Your body can heal, it just needs to reconnect and remember what that feels like!
I love working with all ages, children and adolescents can really benefit from this work, as do animals and plants. Reach out if you have a loved one who seems disconnected lately. This Quantum Healing can powerfully reconnect them. Book now.