Biofield Balancing

My most pressing goal for myself and my current focus with my Reiki practice in Athens, Georgia is emotional fluency.  The majority of illnesses can be linked to the unhealthy ways many deal with emotions in their lives.  I am no different.  Emotional processing habits develop in childhood, a few can even be traced back to early infancy, and very few are healthy without loving guidance from the parents.  As I learn Biofield tuning and Biofield Balancing, I see clearly how these patterns, either healthy or unhealthy, can lead us down the path of dis-ease if we do not learn how to identify, acknowledge, and validate our emotions.

Feelings are communications from our soul with the intention of guiding us.  They are not necessarily bad or good, they are simply feelings. Exciting, calming, comfortable, and uncomfortable, all of our feelings fit in these categories. If we attempt to ignore our feelings or distrust our emotions, we may spend a lifetime undermining and devaluing ourselves.   At the core of it all is learning to respect deeply, to listen openly and to love ourselves.  Only after mastering these skills, can we turn truly balanced love and compassion outward into the world.

My biggest enemy has been myself.  I am quick to self-judge, self-critique, and boss myself around (as well as others closet to me.)  My childhood was filled with self-judging my appearance, my conversations, and my artwork.  The moment to moment inner dialogue should be one of self-love, patience, and compassion, but I was frequently berating myself.  Being human is tough, I am thrilled to have finally learned the importance of going back to all those moments and releasing my younger self from judgement so I can heal and be well. Even the parts of me filled with self-judgement must be remembered with love and compassion for the journey.

If I can learn to be compassionate to myself, then I am able to be truly compassionate to others.  Life on Earth as a human can be very lonely if we do not learn to value ourselves and recognize the divine within.   Once I can recognize that I am of the fabric of the divine, then I can recognize the divine within others.  Once I can have compassion for myself (recognizing this will be difficult at times), then I can have compassion for others and respect the individual journey that they are traveling.  Reiki is all about learning to have compassion and radiate the frequency of compassion.

Understanding myself and learning to see all my emotions are simply an electromagnetic event allows me to watch the feeling and witness how it moves through my body.  How does this one feeling shift my weight, hold my shoulder up or to the side? How does this feeling make me feel strong and stand tall and proud?  Some emotions have an energizing, light quality, and these are empowering emotions.  One is the spiral of uplifting positive emotions and the other is the downward spiral of negative emotions.  Neither is bad; see emotions as clues: negative emotions are a red flag that we are ignoring an inner aspect of wisdom, positive emotions indicate we are working in harmony with our inner wisdom.  Recognize and learn from your emotions! That is so empowering!

Trusting myself is part of this journey.  I am learning to feel the current of the emotion pass through my body.  I allow my emotions.  Breathe and see how they affect my body.  I do not judge good or bad.  Just see and name them and care for the emotion.  Breathe and look beneath the surface emotion, and then they pass through.  Trust yourself!

Anger, happiness, anxiety, exuberance, love and fear-just to name a few are simply emotions.  None are good or bad, but some are certainly more comfortable than others.  It is of the utmost importance to allow all of them.   As a human we have a huge spectrum of emotions, but they are not bad or good, just comfortable and uncomfortable.  It is super important to sit with the uncomfortable emotions and become aware of why they are so unpleasant.  Search underneath and find the root event when we decided this emotion was bad.  Sit with that memory and recreate it.  Paint it with the color of compassion for yourself in that moment.  Color it with love for the journey of life that you are on.  It is a unique journey but you are not alone.  It is the human experience.

With Biofield Balancing I use either Reiki or Biofield Tuning using tuning forks to help clear and release old emotional traumas. I guide clients to connect with the memories and switch to the role of observer in order to accept and love that part of themselves. The past continues to hurt us until we heal it and let it go. Book a session today.