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November 2016 - Serenity Attunement
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Energy Work- in the body and around it

Recently I was fortunate enough to receive a wonderful acupuncture session from Kathryn Gillet at Jade Spring in Comer, GA. The energy movement was incredible and I loved the way the energy moved synergistically through the different points while I rested. The session allowed me to further define what it is that I do. I believe that with reiki and the tuning forks I have learned a way to access the energy within the body through acupressure and acutuning. Working this area first allows me to create space for cleaning up the emotional house from the past. Once the body is clear, the client then is in a position to allow deeper work down in the energy field surrounding the body.
The area surrounding the body truly does hold information about how we learned to process or handle events and interpret them as a trauma or judge the feelings and create trauma. This is accessible through hearing the variation in vibration of the tuning forks or feeling the variation in the sensations of reiki “hibikis” or “areas of disruption” extending out from the body. The healing process is far more effective if we are able to tap into the earliest moment the pain or emotional injury was sustained and perceived as “bad.” Once we can hit that original frequency and heal it through suggesting a new narrative and story that empowers the client, then we can work together to free the past self from that painful moment and literally move forward in towards the body. It seems as though the emotional events pull at the charka that is associated with that emotion and dislocate it off to the side which is energetically exhausting.
Now the map of emotions and where they are stored off the body created by Eileen McKusick is pretty right on. I have discovered the right hip is also the area for self-berating and self-shaming. That eternally frustrating dialogue, “now why didn’t I do that?” and the “if only I had said this…” goes here and can flare up often. This is not just the hip of overdoing. How people store these emotions can be pretty unique as shame can literally pull on almost any chakra. So the goal with both methods is to realign the chakras so that the energetic vibration is lighter and elevated to allow for maximum efficiency and good energy.