Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is finally getting the attention that it deserves as a powerful catalyst for healing. Western allopathic medicine seeks to only treat symptoms and cover them up. This method fails to identify the underlying root problem. Not only are our monocrop agricultural methods depleting the minerals from our soils and causing digestive imbalance, but our lifestyles are also so incredibly hectic causing our energy to cycle back on itself creating stress and anxiety loops. This leads to eczema, allergies, auto-immune disorders, and more over time. We have forgotten how to ground release energy by connecting to the Earth.

Most people do not ever connect their energy body fully into their physical body except for during orgasm. It’s important to feel safe in one’s body most of the time. With guidance everyone can learn how to breathe and exhale releasing stress and tension from their physical bodies allowing their natural healing life energy to flow powerfully through their whole being once again. This is where energy medicine will empower everyone to heal and be healthy.

With a little practice before sessions and after sessions, I teach my clients to connect into their body and ground into the Earth, centering themselves with their awareness. Many highly sensitive people (HSP) or empaths are constantly focused on others feelings which causes them to ignore their own body. Once an HSP/empath learns to focus on their own body, they learn how to release stress, tension, and heal by staying fully present in their own body. This is how we learn to easily release other people’s stuff. Through practice my clients gain the ability to reclaim their power with a quick exhale and release of feelings that they are holding, then healthy boundaries return. Creating a wall or hard defense is heavy energetically and will weigh someone down over time. By paying more attention to feelings and breathing them out, we feel fully present, safe, and strong in our bodies. This is self love and is super powerful. A beautiful energy flow and large, balanced energy field is a result.

Holding emotions in is fairly common. Due to judging these emotions on some level as bad or painful, they are stored in the physical body typically in the spleen, pancreas, or liver. This leads to poor digestion and tight muscles in the surrounding area. This causes a buildup of lactic acid, carbon monoxide and other cellular waste that leads to pain and inflammation. How do we learn to stop holding?

With a reclassification of emotions from “bad or “painful” to the most basic of sensations, ex- exciting, calming, comfortable, or uncomfortable, then we are able to release judgement and observe our emotional reactions to situations and let them flow out, guiding us to heal and release old wounds rather than driving our actions. This release and flow of emotions is super healthy and allows our body to function at a most efficient, flexible, and healing way.

With this return to healthy function of our bodies, the less healthy food is far easier managed through mineral supplementation and digestive enzymes. Overtime we will begin to reclaim the healing benefits of food and work with both the Earth and our bodies to nourish everything in a more mindful and healing way. As these shifts occur in both our bodies and our planet, we will see auto-immune disorders, low vitamin D levels, and thyroid disorders become a thing of the past. Take the first step to reclaiming your power to heal and make an appointment for Energy Medicine session today.