It’s not what you do that matters but rather how you do it. Passion is key.

For as long as I can remember I have ponder what I wanted to be when I grew up. I would lay in the grass watching the clouds knowing one day I would have to worry about paying bills, but not really sure what I would enjoy doing everyday. Everything seemed fun, I saw the benefits of almost every job!

As I got older and had to make choices in my major at Young Harris College, I let the scholarships I earned help me decide. I won an art and academic scholarship and chose to major in art, but I loved math and science and basically learning in general…I was plagued with indecision. Because we had an amazing planetarium I took astronomy as well as calculus because my professor was incredible. Still I could not chose…

Now, after 18 years of Working in medicine, being with my husband and being blessed with two fabulous kind, loving children, I still struggle with what I want to do. I meditate for guidance daily, I journey to see my path more clearly and I work on manifesting a vibrant practice. And yet I just could never truly see clearly my own practice and promoting me. I need a team to promote.

My technique with energy work, acupressure, and Vibrational Therapies to help promote emotional and physical harmony are on point. They are tremendously helpful. I know how they work and yet I do not feel ready to just promote me. I need to promote “us.” An “us” that I can believe in and see clearly.

After realizing the importance of having a job to pay the bills while I learned how to passionately promote myself, I focused not on what I was doing but instead how I was earning money. This opened up everything. With that simple realization I was able to passionately seek working for a positive, upbeat team that could earn me a certain amount, allowing me to use my creativity, desire to help people, and mathematic skills to help my team be successful. This opened up so many doors as many things fall into this category. What a huge shift!

Within a few weeks of realizing how I wanted to spend my day, I was able to connect with a company who would allow me to do all of these things. It has been such a magical experience because they even agreed to part-time, so that I could still focus on my Vibrational Medicine Healing Arts practice. In fact, the more that I help promote their business, the more that I learn about me. Reiki, Sound Therapy, acupressure, and aromatherapy are all super powerful, and I use all of these things daily. Once I shifted my focus from what I should do to how I wanted to do it, everything fell into place. If you too struggle with indecision for a career, change your focus instead to how you want to spend your precious time on this Earth…then go for it!