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July 2019 - Serenity Attunement
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How to stay centered on social media

For the last few years I have struggled with the best way to open dialogue and be heard in a group discussion. So many people are talking but not many listen. After watching others, I have learned what closes doors and opens them in each other minds while talking in debate. The key is to remain calm so that you can clearly state your case. People stop listening when emotions take over the discussion, so keep anger at bay through breathing deep and staying grounded. This follows for social media.

No matter the issues, it seems there is always one inflammatory story after another, seeking to grab your attention by shocking and startling you. What the goal is, varies but ultimately it is to grab someone by the emotionally heartstrings and render a person either grief-stricken or filled with rage. This allows us to be easily manipulated. As a highly sensitive person I have struggled with the best way to handle this effectively. How to be heard and see clearly through all the emotional bullying that occurs on social media?

Well here are a few keys,

  1. KNOW  yourself- play attention to your sensitivity cycles. My energy waxes and wanes. Some days I feel like I am on top of the world and can conquer everything on my to do list while also saving every creature I come across. Other days I feel like it’s a struggle to get out of bed. Allow for this. Learn your cycles.
  2. Watch the moon, I have seen so many friends unaware of their cycle (men and women both) lash out and act all kinds of mean and vicious and its a full moon. Be aware of this and stay off social media during a full moon or a crash day. Stress can wreck you. It is oh so tempting but not worth the stress and drama you may receive or inflict upon others.
  1. Do your research- Don’t reflexively share every link and story you come across. With a quit 3 second search you can double check your info. Save your self the embarrassment of having to delete your post later after someone calls out the fake news. I have learned so much about fake media stories and their method for shock-seeking. Everything has a spin on it, can you find it?
  2. Take mental health breaks from social media. Make sure you spend time doing things you love that allow your heart to hum with gratitude many times per day. Find activities that quiet your mind and require all your attention and are fun!
  1. Respond with curiosity and laughter. Don’t engage in battle online. Keep it light and funny.
  2. Breathe deep, stretch and focus on daily gratitudes (seems next post!)

And if find yourself falling into a dark hole, please reach out to friends and family to help you see the sunshine and beauty. You can also call me to help you press that reset button to rekindle that feeling or joy and awe at the beauty in our world. Hang in there my friends, the world needs you.