Chakras-many layers of meaning

We have all heard of the basic emotional connection with the different chakra centers.  Third eye ties in with intuition, further up the crown chakra connects with the divine.  The throat chakra ties with speaking your mind and speaking your truth.  The heart chakra ties in with feeling love and support and so on…but truly this is such an over simplification.  As I have been studying the biofield anatomy as mapped out in Biofield Tuning, it appears to me to prove to be far more complex and individual.

The therapeutic notion that emotions must be felt, acknowledged, witnessed and given space to pass through the body has been proven to me over and over again with each client.   The act of judging our emotions and hiding them away is what causes the most damage and trauma. I have learned the art of seeing my most uncomfortable emotions and give that feeling space.   This lesson has been huge for me in transforming my health.

For years I had slow digestion.  Food would sit like a rock in my tummy for many hours.  I was learning to connect with my stomach and truly feel hunger before eating and I realized that I could go for a full day or longer at times, without being hungry.  When I saw a commercial for a pill one could swallow to fix slow digestion because there was a new disorder named for that problem, I knew I needed to work on me.  With a few biofield tuning sessions, my digestion improved tremendously, far more than when I was doing reiki on my tummy alone.  Then I learned Acupressure and was able to tap into the deeper emotions at the root problem.

Reiki on my solar plexus chakra when I felt so full, would cause lots of tunny gurgles and slowly move things along.  With Biofield tuning I felt the whole system clear. I was so excited! I began to see the thought patterns and ways that I judged myself when under stress.  I could see myself holding onto and swallowing emotions of hurt or embarrassment.  I finally saw clearly as an observer, how to identify the root emotion so I no longer had the defensive anger overwhelm me as I hid the hurt in my tummy.  I learned not to judge the emotion, but instead identify the feeling, see where it affects the body, and allow the wave of emotion to move through me while breathing deeply.   The feeling moved through so quickly and with very little pain.  The fear of that emotions was what had my digestion frozen for so long. By learning to observe emotions and not judge them, I am empowered to live well.

With acupressure I also learned how to help my solar plexus open and balance with the whole digestive system.  The acupressure points through the center line of the body starting with the stomach, to the area just above the belly button and just below the belly button have been a invaluable tool for me.  I have struggled with puffy tummy also and working these points daily before and after meals has helped to completely flatten my tummy.  I have connected with my stomach and liver before and after I eat and learned so much about the marvelous body.  I would next connect with the small intestine point just above the belly button.  I learned that tenderness there was from slow digestion causing inflammation over the years.  After 3 months of working that point a few times a day, all the tenderness is gone!  The next point below the belly button is to tone the large intestine.  This area was always a bit slow for me but since working the two above points, I managed to balance the large intestine meridian as well.

Around the torso we can find grief, anger, resentment, shame, as well as lack of support.  I find the Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras to be combinations of emotions and not just a simple, “this ties in with grief.”  The grief emotions ties in with how you treat yourself and your deep desires.  If you continually berate yourself or deny yourself fun-time, then you will be in a state of emotional grief much of the time which affects the left-side of the body as well as the back.  The left hip will be tight which causes lower back pain.  This many times corresponds to how you saw your mother treat herself a well as other women in her life.

This area for me was congested because I learned to run from confrontation.  While I love my family, I do not love their behaviors.  I no longer hate their behaviors.  I accept their humanity.  My rage-filled father taught me to hide from anger.  I learned when there was that certain tone in a voice, I should hide.  The knee-jerk fear and then anger to having my feelings hurt I fought with for many years.  I felt my stomach clench in fear at the idea of confronting someone when I was hurt.  Decades of hiding my hurt in my tummy caused my digestive paralysis.  Instead of trying to fight off the fear and anger, I learned to see it and feel what it did to my body.  I learned to “sit with it” for a few minutes and reflect on why I was reacting that way.  It opened up my Solar Plexus on so many level by becoming aware of the root reaction.  With compassion for my inner child who hid in fear, I saw and embraced that emotion.  I still fear confrontation but now welcome fear to join me.  This means I am doing the right thing.

My goal is to help everyone become emotionally fluent.  I want everyone to be fully in the moment.  From that position we will all be able to communicate our emotions in an honest and powerful yet humble way.  What a beautiful present!!!