The Condition of Earth-how to help

My whole life has been a series of alarms and warnings of the state of the world and the environment.  Doom and fear rules the talk of the different new media and agencies.  All have an urgency to fix the broken global environment, but the focus of the summits are misplaced.  The Earth will continue with or without us.  The true entities needing healing are you and me.

Do not fall into despair at the state of the world.  This is a form of victim-hood and guilt mentality that allows you to surrender and fall into the abyss of fear and anger.  This helps nothing.  You are only at fault if you continue to allow the fear and doom to overtake you.  The role of victim-hood is a role filled with anger.  This gives away your power.  You are powerful and you have the ability to heal, not just yourself, but the world.   Do not give away your power, turn it inward and heal.

The more that I work with meditations and healing sessions, the more that I am aware of how we project our emotional conditions on the world around us.  The environment is a reflection of the people who live in that place and their state of mind.  Each town you visit has a different feel, each community has a different vibe.  Just as a home is a reflection of the people who live there, the town is a reflection of our inner state.  Are we self-centered and staring only into our phones?  Or do we look at others and smile and say hello?  These are very important differences.  Being in tune to others, including all creatures, helps us to create a harmonious community.  This harmonious “including”-see them and acknowledge them- is a higher vibration which can promote healing in every living thing around us as well as ourselves.

When we can turn that focus inward, we can do the work to include ourselves.  I have learned that there are pivotal moments in our lives when a trauma occurs, it will have lasting impacts if not healed.  We leave a piece of ourselves behind when that wound left untended.  The piece of us is trapped there until we go collect her.  Physics tells us time is circular, we just experience it in the linear.  The past is always with us, dragging behind us, the present pulls at our sides and the future is projected in front.  We do not have to experience the whole trauma again, we simply have to be brave, allow the emotions that are uncomfortable to happen, observe how that emotion affects our body.  Then we sit with that feeling and ask when was the first time this was experienced?  Go back to that moment and observe, and then you can correct that moment.   Validate her feelings, ask her what she needs.  You can provide that for her.  Because she is still there, your younger self, trapped in that moment, you can release her and bring her home.  This is deep healing.

The more we get in touch with our inner light, our “God” within, then the more we radiate respect and love into all creatures surrounding us.  As we do the work to collect ourselves we can be more present in the here and now.  The healing energy will radiate deep into the Earth and the effects will ripple outward.   Behaviors will change and relationships transform in how we treat each other and other living things.   It will be easier each day to find the beauty around us.  Everything radiates life and beauty, we just need to acknowledge it!  This is true alchemy.

To heal the environment, we must literally heal ourselves.  The work within will be reflected in the world surrounding us.  It’s the butterfly effect.   Healing yourself and radiating that light out into the world gives others permission to do the same.  It will actually encourage more healing and growth.  The person next to you may already be filled with energy and enthusiasm with the ability to help the environment on a more regional scale, and simply being near you in the healthy state will help their cause and lift them to do work at a bigger more regional level.  The path for them will be smooth since you have laid the ground work and evened out the more local bumps along the way.

The more light that we are shinning the more the Truth will surface, the more we will heal.  If you are ready and need only a guide to help channel the energy for change, a guide to help show you a way, then schedule a session with me for Reiki, Karuna Reiki® and Tuning forks session.  Tune up your body, mind, soul and heart.

Dare to heal.  Push yourself.  Schedule a session.  Do the work.

Here is an amazing video of Teal Swan who explains how this method works for her. Please copy and paste the link in your browser. Focus on the world you want to create.

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