Our World and How We Fit In It

When I hear comments about the Earth and how we have ruined it with the pollution, global warming, and fossil fuels, I can’t help but feel frustrated.  All throughout my youth I felt the overwhelming evidence of doom and despair.  And now with the looming water crisis I feel it strongly again.

With more maturity I have learned it is my responsibility to be mindful each day on my connection with the earth, air, water, and sky as well as animal, plant, and mineral and this will bring about a change for good.   If I look to the lessens of my ancestors, I can learn how to strengthen the spirit of all connections which helps everyone, as we are all connected.

As I first stepped onto the path of learning the ways of my ancestors, I had a big of concern for being a step into the unknown realm of spirits.  The pagan methods had an element of magic that concerned me because I do not have a deep cultural background in this to guide me.  After a few journeys within and wakeful, dreaming I realize the common message people are receiving.  There is a battle happening.  It is between disconnect from the fabric of life and wanton destruction for a facade of power and the return to reverence of life in everything.  The power of connection to our roots empowers a return to balance and harmony on all levels.

How that affects me is to see the need to ask permission of the plants before I harvest them and offer my thanks for their bounty.  I must talk with both my plants and animals so they feel my intention in my actions.  Singing is a much more powerful communicator I have learned.  Also I must work with respect for the wood as I hammer and chop.  With acknowledgement of the sacrifice of each item involved in my life, then I can empower the balance to return.  In this I can feel the return to balance I see and acknowledge the element of life in all around.  The divine is here.  With acknowledgement and respect brings empowerment on the personal level with emotions and worldly level with other interactions.

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