Feeling Safe- what does that truly mean?

Over the last several years I have propelled myself on a path of deep spiritual and emotional healing recognizing that my physical body was telling me to do so.  I have suffered through many digestive issues over the years and tackled them in many different ways.  In childhood I had frequent tummy pain which manifested in college as IBS.  I had treated this through allopathic means of food elimination and allergy medicine.  After many more years I discovered the depth of the problem was lingering and going deeper.  With a voice healing session thanks to Dr. Damaris Drewery, a deep pain in my right-side was identified.  Finally I decided to plunge deep into the spirit and emotional healing medicine as I have been promoting this as a powerful tool.

For many weeks I worked the area with nightly self-reiki sessions while meditating, watching TV, and just resting.  The inflammation of the area extended from my gallbladder area down deep into the groin area.  It would soften and release through the gallbladder, and slow soften down through to my hip, but only for a short while.

With acupuncture from Kathryn Gillet, we were able to warm up the stomach meridian and make my digestion for more effective and efficient.  I could feel this was helping deeply for many days.  Allergy symptoms did not happen this spring either and the pollen has been truly fierce. In a further effort to support my body healing and at Kathryn’s suggestion, I began making my own sauerkraut for a daily spoonful. That helped me very much also to maintain the improvements in digestion.  And yet I felt there was more to uncover.

The lifeline technique is another method I have been interested in as it combines various methods.  Using Reiki, the energy meridians, element medicine, aromatherapy, color therapy and dousing, Lynn Louise Halverson was able to hit the root emotion of my illness.  The feeling of being safe.  Once we hit on that emotion, I felt a huge weight lift off my right side and warm energy ran from my tummy down through to my foot as well healed that deep, old emotion of feeling physically in danger.  I hadn’t experienced that deep clearing sensation since my Biofield tuning session, well over a year ago.  I have been searching for a method to clear and balance me as well.  The radiant energy and warm feeling lasted for weeks.  With concentration and deep breath I was able to restore the feeling of being “safe” easily.  It was so amazing to experience as I had no awareness of holding anything in my right-side until we did the session. The fear of physical injury was buried deep within me.

Anytime I am under stress, my side clenches and I hold my tension there again. If I do not acknowledge the stress and the feeling then I become very angry and resentful to my family.  I am learning to see this as a red flag and step away and take my anger for a walk to uncover the root hurt.

Since my new understanding of the feeling of being safe, which for me meant opening my stomach (mostly ascending colon area), I have been working the area with reiki, acupressure to the whole stomach and large intestine meridians, as well as with tuning forks.  I have experienced a whole new understanding of the meaning of feeling safe.  When I am out in the office, I can touch base and with a deep breath release that tension I am holding there.  When I am out shopping, I find myself holding onto the energy there again.  With a deep breath, I release. Same for when I am driving. This has been a fantastic discovery and such an empowering release of this deep achy feeling.  I imagine that as this has been a pattern of holding for more than a lifetime, it will take awhile to release, but it has shifted how I see my interactions with people, my elders, my friends, my kids, my husband and my parents. Finally I understand actually feeling safe in my body and it is wonderful! I plan to continue working the energy meridians and most importantly, having others work on me. Giant leaps in healing occurred the minute I asked for help.  I love really feeling safe to do so.

Oh and the push to stretch more often is incredible. I love connecting with my body.  And yet again I feel affirmed that with connecting deeply to my emotions, I connect deeply to my body and can heal it, and you can too. Vibrational therapies are the next step in medicine.  No need to doctor ourselves, we just need to find our medicine…

Since then I have had several sessions with Dr. Janet Cheng and her light-touch chiropractic.  She is an energy worker and combines it wonderfully with chiropractic.  I have experienced wonderful things in session with her. I had shoulder trouble begin after backpacking my 5 year old around Disney for several days and Dr. Kathryn Gillet suggested chiropractic after she was unable to move the shoulder issue with acupuncture. Janet just radiates the feeling of being safe so well, it’s quite wonderful.

Another wonderful set of practitioners, everyone should have the pleasure of experiencing is Heather Ryland combining her shamanic Karuna Reiki sessions with Nalu Ma’s cranio-sacral massage work.  Together they moved mountains and allowed me to see clearly what I needed to do to move forward in wellness.

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