Reiki Classes Offer Healing

After practicing Reiki for many years, I love to point out to all of my students how deeply healing the Reiki class is for each of them. The Reiki attunements, placements, ignitions that we go through during class allow for heavy, stuck energy to fall away. This enables the whole energy body to flow into a more elevated and harmonious frequency for optimal wellness. While learning the history of Reiki is essential for proper reverence, the technique and foundation for proper practice is essential. 

With Reiki the essential piece for proper flow is to stay open and allow flow while also being grounded. I teach the importance of allowing Reiki flow to fill you up first. I like to imagine that I am like a current tapping into the higher frequencies of the heavens and allowing it to flow all the way down through my body out into the my center, then into the earth and my hands are just simply that connector that provides that current of elevated frequency to my clients.

Clearing body stress empties the mind & body to allow wisdom and guidance to flow

During Reiki class not only does each student learn about the practice of Reiki for others, the main focus is to dig deep into self awareness. Our goal is to learn how to walk with love and compassion to allow for the deep wisdom and grace to flow through us first, then flow outward. The more I practice Reiki the more I let go of knowing where someone is on their path. The focus is on respecting their journey as their own. As a Reiki teacher, I strive to learn more to help each person in a way that makes sense to them.

One incredibly important skill is that of visualization. The key to healing the subconscious is by imagining healing in picture format. While in a deeply meditative Reiki state, I make sure Reiki flows through my entire being starting with Hara Centering. Takata taught Hara Centering is feeling flow from below the belly button and up to the diaphragm. She focused on the importance of feeling flow through the entire area. The ability to Hara center is so important and yet I feel has really expanded for me the last few years. This helps me to teach Reiki in a whole new way, emphasizing Hara Centering for as long as it takes for everyone to feel the flow.

abstract beach bright clouds
I imagine that gold energy from the sun and all the stars in the Universe offer high frequency healing love from Source.

If I am unable to sense a nice flow through that area I will go through a Reiki self-treatment starting at the root chakra, just below the tailbone. Next I move up to the Hara center point (aka Dantien or Tanden 2” below and behind the bellybutton.) This over laps with the 2nd chakra. Once I can feel an expansive flow of Reiki, I move out to the hips and be sure that the flow moves throughout the whole area. Next I check up through the diaphragm. I pause here until I can sense flow from the Hara center up to stomach. This is Hara Centering.

The heart-center is my next area of focus. I love to stay here and make sure it expands both out the front and the back and then scan to be sure the entire aura at all the layers are nice and flowing. Then around the neck (the 5th Throat chakra) receives a good Reiki Session. I check the way out to the sides of the aura here as well for good flow and release of heavy slow energy that may be stacking up causing neck and shoulder pain. After this is the 6th middle forehead slightly above eyebrows. Again here I will check front and back with scanning to be sure there is good flow and around to the sides especially. Here I will sit to be sure I sense good flow to both the throat and entire head for best connection to intuition and my guides. 

Finally I bring my awareness to the entire crown and check for flow up and out the back of the head and center crown and sides to the front. Once this has been completed I am able to work on others. This is essential to start the day so that stress or emotions do not get stuck and begin to stack up. Reiki self-treatment is the most important way to start the day.

In Reiki class we cover the importance of all these things. I highly encourage each student to carve out time daily for self-care with Reiki self-treatment because it’s the best way to get to know oneself and stay on the path to healing through self-awareness. Reiki Class level I continues to awaken senses until 21 days out. Level II attunement/placement does the same only we add in more focused energy of the symbols. Practice continues to deepen that healing and is very essential to the heart of Reiki practice. 

There is so much covered in class I do recommend each student make time to come out to Reiki Circles and practice. This time offers so much learning and support for everyone, especially me. 💜🦋🌸