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September 23, 2022 - Serenity Attunement
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Healing with Reiki and Plants

fresh mint and flowers in white marble mortal and pestle
Fresh herbs from my yard are my favorite teas!

Many meditations are guiding me back to plant medicine as the link to helping my body adapt to the unhelpful stuff in our food and water supply. I have shifted into taking my filtered well water and then infusing fresh herbs like lemon balm or mint in the water. This has been lovely to reconnect with the energy of each herb. Lemon Balm is my favorite right now. It’s like drinking sunshine. This has guided me to dig deeper into supporting my body with plant medicine.

Telling doctors for years that everyone in my family has thyroid issues wasn’t enough to get blood work to show anything. Apparently things still must go crazy sideways for Allopathic Medicine to register anything. Then it’s pharmaceuticals or surgery solutions so I have turned to connecting with myself for further guidance…

Reiki to the Rescue

Thanks to Reiki for healing inflammation, clearing trauma, and healing stress, nervous system and Vagus nerve. Emotional shifts and energy shifts have really done a tremendous amount for healing me. I no longer blame myself for feeling sad, tired, resentment, grief or anger. It is simply an indicator that I am working too hard. If I am unable to reset in a pause then there’s some inflammation in my gut. So I do Reiki to heal that.

Daily Reiki helped me identify so much in my body. I was spending hours each day doing Reiki on my right lower side (ileosecal valve entered my awareness thanks to LeeAnne Cordell). The awareness clued me in that I should avoid dairy for sure, popcorn (real tears here), nuts, seeds, & raspberries during a flare up of irritation. Do you ever feel an ache in the lower right side of your abdomen? Maybe there is some need for deeper attention here?

With lots of Reiki in this area and gentle-pressure massage to tone the valve area, I felt a release through my throat and ear on the right side. Energetically this part of the digestive tract was connected to the energy flow through my tonsils, and sore throats (and dust allergy oddly enough.) I found the digestion pathway was still irritated if I didn’t eat perfectly. That meant it was not fully healed.

**Side note: apparently the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Spain all have many practitioners helping people to manage this issue. There are many YouTube videos from around the world on how to heal your ileosecal valve. Here in the US I had so much digestive trouble after a miscarriage that I had a scope done to be sure that area of irritation wasn’t something terrible. All the doctor said was that it looked slightly irritated, so I should avoid the foods that bothered me…otherwise I was healthy…

Release with Fasting

Pulling wisdom from Resetters Podcast has been tremendous. Her focus is the same as mine: Our Bodies Can Heal! Her goal is to teach people intermittent fasting so that the organs can release and clear out the stress hormones allowing them to access regular hormones again. This has been helpful so I simply skip breakfast and drink black coffee before eating/drinking a plant heavy lunch and healthy dinner. 

Vitamin D is Important

Then eczema flared up and I saw more irritation that happens every end of August, so I dug deeper. I listened to my guidance that Energywork & fasting isn’t enough, that my body needed more help. I really thought doing all of the above I would have enough Vitamin D with all the yard work and outdoor time this summer for the season change clearly not so. Back to magnesium glycerinate and vitamin D supplementation. So I’m returning to Magnesium Glycinate and Vitamin D3 at 10,000 IU’s daily now.

Vitamin D is actually a hormone so the body cannot convert the supplement to usable from without the proper minerals in place to support that conversion. With the podcast I learned that what used to be considered good vitamin D blood level of 25 went up to 30 about 10 years ago. Then from patients with any Auto-immune disorder I learned their rheumatologist wanted a minimum of 40. This Functional Medicine Doctor who is focused on thyroid health says minimum is 60 in a healthy person and 70 if any sign or symptom of auto-immune disorder presents… Wow! I was worried I would overdo the Vitamin D, but I once with constant supplementation measured at 50.

Minerals Are Essential

Magnesium Glycinate is super important for the body to utilize/make vitamin D as it’s really a hormone too! I had given it all to Ava to help her seizure disorder and forgot to order more the last few months. Black coffee, sugar and stress all burn up the magnesium quickly so it’s likely I was deficient. Shifting things in the family to be ready to care for my parents as needed has been tough balancing business and family. A Resetters Podcast on Mineral deficiency raised my awareness to Zinc. So I threw in the Zinc I had left from my COVID immune system stock up. All three daily for a full month made a difference.

The flare up on my eyelids is really the most difficult to manage. Once the skin gets dry enough and the itching sets in the inflammation cycle has really taken over. Again plant medicine to the rescue: Summer Salve healed that in two days thanks to Maiden Camp for Ava a few years ago with Angela Burgess and the Wise Women teachers. 

Plant Medicine Adaptogens

Have you heard about Adaptogens yet? They help the support the body in releasing the stress hormone cycle and flush out the stress hormone cortisol while helping the body to actually use the hormones that are there. This is very important as I learned while I may show in blood work that I have hormones, it is possible that the stress is throwing the receptors off. The receptor need to grab the hormones and convert them into the usable form the body needs for function. There are herbal and mushroom adaptogens to help you deal with stress. What magical plants, am I right?

The reason I chose Ashwaganda as my adaptogen (thanks to Step-dad Bill for sending me)was this article linking thyroid healing with Ashwaganda. I researched things to help my mom with her memory and anxiety struggles, and recommended they start daily supplementing with it. It’s been shown to help stop memory loss and improve brain function in several studies. Ashwaganda twice daily came up as a powerful way to help support the body to heal. There was also some good info on the brain healing benefits of Lion’s Mane mushrooms. Hello healing plants!

Endocrine Disruptors Equal Inflammation

Understanding that no matter who we are, there is wide-spread infiltration of both food and water supply with toxins that are endorcrine/ amino acid disruptors. The Round-Up is in every animal eating corn which produces all the dairy, eggs, meats for us. The pesticide was orignially approved through the FDA for use as an antibiotic. We all know what kind of trouble we get into if we have to be on antibiotics for more than 7-10days… Now it is in everything. Think about how it is used as desiccants too. Dry wheat, barley, amaranth is way easier to collect than fresh. This combination of disruptors at the cellular level are a recipe for inflammation and trouble.

These toxins are destroying so many pathways in our bodies, and the plastics have broken down over the last 60 years to show up in all creatures and plants of the Earth. Hormonal disruption is far worse for women than men as doctors typically don’t listen to female complaints of pain or discomfort- at this point at don’t blame them as we are about 45 yrs into constant glyphosate exposure. So many have whacked hormones and gut health so it’s normal for women to have pain, irregular menses, inflammation, or depression. 

Glyphosate literally blocks your normal amino acid cycle of energy production in the cells. Then we begin struggling as different adrenal hormones kick in to power the cells, which blocks other hormones and the cascade effect begins as other hormone pathways derail. Even plastics have leeched into almost every waterway; we have been hearing about their endocrine disruption for years.

From depression to chronic fatigue to PCOS, women have to really have tremendous challenges to finding good health. All of these illnesses have inflammation at its root. Women are especially challenged to have good nutrition to prevent inflammation as menses and childbearing are incredibly nutrient demanding.

But men are having challenges too. How many are suffering from depression themselves? How many have anxiety? How many from IBS? Other inflammatory issues? How many suffer from exhaustion?

Detox the Body with Plants and Minerals

Things that are working for me:

Ashwaganda twice daily, Turkey Tail once, and Geranium Essential Oil topically over my liver when I remember. Geranium Essential Oil helps teach the liver the frequency of release. Magnesium Glycinate if I drink coffee in the morning, and then again at night with the Vitamin D3. I also have added some Zinc (thanks to Resetters Podcast) which seems to help everything else flow better. Spirulina, wild blueberry, and banana or avocado smoothies with water for my break-fast and avoid dairy. (I started with taking Turkey tail mushrooms after the Costa Rica trip thanks to Kris May.)

Glycine Amino acid powder is also on my list (thanks Resetters Podcast.) This Amino Acid pushes glyphosphate out of my cells so that Glycine can get back into the energy amino acid chain at the cellular level for energy. Glycine is cheap and just mixes in water to make a nice before bed way to detox Glyphosphate (notes below for study). It helps with better sleep too. (So does Reishi mushroom!)

Reiki Helps Glandular Function

Despite all of this added nutrition, I still do daily Reiki and energy flow work to make sure that I am not holding emotional stress or inflammation anywhere. Reiki works by showing me where there is slow or sluggish energy. I am able to help that move out and reharmonize the flow throughout all the main chakra centers. Each chakra center is connected to a gland. Good flow through the entire energetic core means that everything is working well together.

Many different metaphysical books mention the importance of calcium for energy workers. Apparently we burn through this mineral quickly doing this higher frequency energy work. This wisdom is what I find when I ask to be guided to things that heal me. I just happen to pick up the right book and turn to the right page. Carrot juice has been quenching my thirst too. I picked up another book and read that carrot juice is rich in bio-available calcium. Connecting to this wisdom is so important.

Healing through Research

Healing takes money and most health insurance covers nothing that’s for healing. It’s all about the “treating sickness”model. When there’s so much profit in sickness and testing it, where’s the motivation to learn/teach wellness and healing? That is why it is so important that we each take control of our journey to healing. You must heal you. Learn to hear yourself and listen to your inner guidance.

So I wanted to share this exciting step in my journey in case it may help someone else who is struggling. I feel like I have a new key to health. I am going to shift a few things and see exactly what I need to keep doing and what I can slack on a bit in about 2 months. I feel like the 90 day point is the key to supporting the body to handle the repair. 

Which leads me into my next step, teaching people to access their energy flow to see where their bodies are holding stress. This stress may show up in many different ways. It’s a powerful tool for managing stress whether emotional, environmental, or systemic. Everyone can learn to shift into flow to release emotions and tap into the root of how to heal! I’m working on making a booklet and video course complete with pictures for drawing and meditating into healing. 🌟💖💙💜🌈🦋🌅 Stay tuned!

Some resources:

Beneficial Effects of the Amino Acid Glycine (link to study embedded)

PubMed Abstract as follows:

“Glycine is the smallest non-essential, neutral and metabolically inert amino acid, with a carbon atom bound to two hydrogen atoms, and to an amino and a carboxyl group. This amino acid is an essential substrate for the synthesis of several biologically important biomolecules and compounds. It participates in the synthesis of proteins, of the tripeptide glutathione and in detoxification reactions. It has a broad spectrum of anti-inflammatory, cytoprotective and immunomodulatory properties. To exert its actions, glycine binds to different receptors. The GlyR anion channel is the most studied receptor for glycine. However, there are GlyR-independent mechanisms for glycine cytoprotection and other possible binding molecules of glycine are the NMDA receptor and receptors GlyT1 and GlyT2. Although, in humans, the normal serum level of glycine is approximately 300 μM, increasing glycine intake can lead to blood levels of more than 900 μM that increase its benefic actions without having harmful side effects. The herbal pesticide glyphosate might disrupt glycine homeostasis. Many in vitro studies involving different cell types have demonstrated beneficial effects of the addition of glycine. Glycine also improved conditions of isolated perfused or stored organs. In vivo studies in experimental animals have also tested glycine as a protector molecule and some studies on the beneficial effects of glycine after its clinical application have been done.”

Round Up: Amino Acid disruption

Ashwaganda and healing Thyroid

Resetter Podcast on Thyroid and what healthy thyroid hormone levels look like: